SOS Christmas Party doubled as farewell

THIS year's SOS Christmas Party last Thursday doubled as a farewell for Patsy Hanna. Patsy has run the canteen at Rushforth Oval almost continuously for 13 years. Now she's set for the retired life.

Everyone had a fantastic night and many thanks to all those involved and a special thanks to Patsy.

Whether it was Saturdays through winter, week nights for SOS or any other time a carnival was held, Patsy was always there to make sure everyone had drinks, food, ice and first aid.

Thank you Patsy for your input into Grafton football. You'll be sorely missed.

At the party Santa arrived right on cue with plenty of treats for the small children, and a few big ones who sneaked in.

Even the weather turned on clear sky and full moon.

Misfits took on Road Runners in the first game but were a few players short at the start of the game - they were still on the courtesy bus!

Misfits borrowed a keeper and headed out gamely but were soon behind two goals. The Roadies then came under pressure and ended up scoring an own goal.

With a full team after half-time Misfits put pressure on for the equaliser. A long throw from Ricky Woefle caught the Roadies keeper napping and lobbed in the back of the goal. This caused total confusion with the debate - can you score from a throw in? No. Roadies 2 def Misfits 1.

Cartridge World took on Kaos Kmas who were all dressed up in their Santa hats and clothing. Neither the change in uniform nor the opposition did them no favours with Cartridge World winning 4-1. Congratulations however to Kaos for the best-dressed team on the night.

Valley Signs and Dani's Delinquents played on Field 4 with the girls dominating the midfield but the boys mucking up the final shots.

Wayne Robinson even missed one from three metres out from the goal line.

Dani's finished up 4-1 with Amanda and Kylie winning the player awards.

Angry Birds defeated Si Guns 3-2 on the scoreboard, but it was a powerful drive from one of the girls that brought David Bancroft to his knees that had everyone sympathising.

Apparently he could not get up for 15 minutes, but knocked back all offers of a massage.

Everyone wanted to play in attack in a high-scoring Winmills and Asgardians game.

Jason Thompson's entry between the posts for Asgardian finally stemmed the flow of goals, but they eventually went down 8-3.

Anyone who would like more information, see the full season competition draw or look at team photos, can visit graftonsos.

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