Anthony White lost of of the
Anthony White lost of of the "Three Churches" which is now a pile of twisted metal and shattered timber, to Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison

140-year-old church smashes to ground during Cyclone Marcia

AS HE watched the 140-year-old church fall to the ground as Cyclone Marcia swept through the Capricorn Coast on Friday, February 20, all Anthony White could think was, "we're next".

Slightly shielded from the destructive winds in the church beside the now destroyed historic building, Mr White, owner of Three Churches outside of Emu Park, said he watched the church fall down.

"Suddenly I got scared and thought, this church I'm in could be next," he told the Capricorn Coast Mirror.

"I just feel very sorry for all of the Three Churches fans out there; it's a sad loss for Emu Park and the Capricorn Coast.

"This place has a lot of music events, yoga, permaculture, so I feel like I'm letting down the community," he said.

Apart from losing one of the churches, Anthony, a miner, said there were a lot of fallen trees and he also lost the pergola on the church he was holed up in during the storm.

"The house has also been badly damaged, I've been staying out here, there's no electricity or running water but we're doing the best we can," he said.

"The house was insured, the church wasn't but my car was under the church, and it got squashed as well, but it was insured. So it was a bit of yin and yang.

"We're cleaning up rubbish and glass, there's fallen trees everywhere."

But Mr White remained in high spirits and encouraged others to get out and help badly affected residents.

"What's really sad is we were hoping we'd get through and be able to house others in need, that's the most disappointing thing," he said.

"We have had some people come out and give us a hand and we would love to see more, but when we travel around town, you can see there's a lot of work to be done.

"But every little bit helps."

With hopes of partly rebuilding the historic structure, he said time would tell as to what became of it.

"We're hoping a good siltation will happen with time, I'm sure a lot of great ideas will come out, we have a really creative community," he said.

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