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THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: What got you talking this week?

EVERY week The Daily Examiner asks readers to share their thoughts on what made them happy and what got under their skin in the local community. Here are the comments from Wednesday, November 4:

Rayleen Mills: THUMBS DOWN to people parking in communal driveways with no notice to surrounding neighbours. Selfish and rude behaviour.

Dianne Stephens: THUMBS UP for the Jaca spirit everywhere in Grafton. THUMBS DOWN to the hoons that still speed around Powell St day and night. I hope the police don’t have to make that call to your parent’s house. Wake up and grow up.

Jenny Cotten: THUMBS UP to the Jacaranda spirit, alive and well. Good to see some tourists around town taking photos.

Gail Harding: THUMBS UP to everyone in Grafton who has embraced the Jacaranda Festival 2020. Although it hasn’t gone ahead in our normal format, it’s been fabulous to see the amount of community support throughout our town. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will still turn purple with the festival’s online events, embracing our children’s events, personal stories and fabulous photos, which many people have loved and supported.

The generosity and community spirit offered by many locals to the amazing amount of visitors to our city is phenomenal. How lucky are we, Jaca pride is alive and well.

Luci Fysh: THUMBS DOWN to people speeding in a school zone and around town think there in Bathurst 500.

Terry Deefholts: THUMBS UP to the Twilight Farmers Markets now in Market Square every Thursday afternoon and to the council for the public herb garden in place. What a beautiful setting to purchase local produce with the grass and the jacarandas and the live music.

Corrina Brown: THUMBS DOWN to a local company for not providing car seats to children in some of their cars. Saw a man and his small child get into one of their cars and no seat for the child. Also some of the cars are questionable with squealing brakes and rattling muffles.

Rayleen Mills: THUMBS UP to the jacaranda trees for putting on a magnificent show this year.

Vicki Eggins: THUMBS DOWN to the idiots roaring up and down Dobie and Cranworth streets, wish the police would get them.

Rae-Ann Finlay: THUMBS UP for the love and support and help of family and friends

Joanne Martin: THUMBS UP to Alan Giles at Grafton Vet Clinic!

Going above and beyond this afternoon thank you

Sharon Cosgrove: THUMBS DOWN to every bloody TV channel, one or two would be enough for the American election, for those interested, not EVERY one of them.

Kim Duroux: THUMBS DOWN to the idiots who destroy things in our beautiful town

Christie Paterson: THUMBS DOWN to the P-platers that don’t display their correct plates. Show a little respect, you are NOT above the law.

Chris Clay: THUMBS UP to the Grafton Police for catching that speeding motorist on Ryan St, well done.

Christie Paterson: There are SO MANY people who put down people who are unemployed, just read comments on one of DE’s posts. THUMBS DOWN to people who think they have a right to look down on others because of circumstances. Get off your high horses and actually learn the meaning of the word compassion. This attitude is what’s wrong with society.

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