THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: Your say on this week’s issues

EVERY week The Daily Examiner asks readers to share their thoughts on what made them happy and what got under their skin in the local community.

Here are the comments from Wednesday, July 15:


Kailah Thompson: THUMBS UP to nurses and doctors at Grafton hospital (ED and children's ward) for their care of my son last week.

Also THUMBS UP to the security guard that helped carry him in when he was in pain and didn't want to walk.


Priscilla Hannah: THUMBS DOWN to the parents that don't teach their children not to touch other people's cars! Twice in the last few months I have driven through Brooms Head and little boys on bikes have ridden past and run their hands down my moving car! Then ride behind us and slap it.


Paula Dudley: THUMBS UP for the success of some grants that Clarence Valley Council put in for, to do up some of our suffering local roads. Great Job! Can't wait to get my road fixed up finally!


Jan Lees: THUMBS DOWN idiots who think the new road under two bridges Grafton side is the new speedway track. Just had two cars racing past. Couldn't tell what sort they were going so fast. Often hear them doing donuts and racing around here all hours of night. The trains don't bother me but the idiots who think they're heroes do. Wish they would grow up and get a life before someone is injured or worse.

Phil P K Kennedy: Yes I've got to say I'm a bit over it. Doing massive burnouts at the lights all hours of the day and night. If the police parked in the car park at the lights in an unmarked car they'd make a fortune in dangerous driving fines.


Patricia Knight: THUMBS UP for the great service at Bi-Rite in Yamba always willing to help with courteous service.


Katie Jane: THUMBS DOWN to the zero signage that lets drivers know they just missed the new exit to Grafton. I've driven an extra 40 mins to Grafton twice now. Wonder if the NSW Gov gets their signage manufactured overseas?


Jenny Cotten: THUMBS UP to Grafton Air and Clarence Valley sheds for great customer service.


Susan Jackson: THUMBS DOWN to the person who drives a white panel van. As we stopped at the set of lights which were just orange in Grafton for you to turn left onto the new bridge you decided to just run a red light instead of waiting. People like you deserve no license. Grow some patience idiot.


Mickael Gorbochov: Two THUMBS DOWN to the Daily Examiner for not reporting the closure today of your historical Grafton gaol (sic) with the loss off 100 jobs! It appears the kill history brigade has won again! Two THUMBS DOWN to your local member and the commissioner for not attending and three THUMBS DOWN to the government for allowing Macquarie Bank to invest in law and order and dictate law and order policy. Remember Serco get paid per inmate they keep in gaol (sic) not per inmate they keep out.

Ed's Note: The Daily Examiner DID report on the flag lowering ceremony marking the jail closure, with an article alerting readers ahead of the event, another article covering the event on Friday, as well as a large number of photos and a video capturing the significant occasion in Grafton's history. There will be another article featuring senior corrections officer Scott Ensbey live on our website on Monday. Print readers on the North Coast can also grab a copy of Monday's Daily Telegraph for a wrap up of the event. Senior Corrective Services NSW personnel including Deputy Commissioner Kevin Corcoran and Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin were among the officials present.

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