Time to pay up, Premier

ONE of the first tests of whether Premier Barry O’Farrell will honour his promises will come from Yamba health campaigner Jim Agnew.

Before the Coalition was elected on March 26, Mr O’Farrell said any petition that came before parliament with more than 10,000 signatures would be treated as a matter of urgency.

Determined to see the Premier keep his word, Mr Agnew has been working tirelessly to collect more than 10,700 signatures on petitions campaigning for a comprehensive health clinic at Yamba.

“What I want to do is to get at least 11,000 signatures to make up for the people who have signed the petition more than once,” he said.

“I should have all the signatures by the end of the week.”

Then, Mr Agnew said it would be time for Mr O’Farrell to come good on his promise.

“Whether he honours his promise or not I don’t know, but he (Mr O’Farrell) said he would do this,” he said.

Mr Agnew said it was time for the government to deliver on the long-awaited health clinic, which had been a promise of former Coalition leader John Brogden.

“I have been battling for this for eight years,” he said.

“It was supposed to have been built with the ambulance station and I have seen the plans for the clinic.”

While no new pages of the petition will be distributed, Mr Agnew said he called on people to sign pages that are half filled with signatures.

“Instead of sending them a heap of pages only half filled or quarter filled I am trying to fill them up,” he said.

“There are 12 half-filled pages left and if I fill them up I will have about 140 more signatures than 11,000.”

Mr Agnew said he would give the petition to Steve Cansdell to pass it on to Mr O’Farrell.

“It will be handed over by the middle of the month to the mayor, Richie Williamson, and Member for Clarence Steve Cansdell,” he said.

Mr Agnew thanked everyone who had signed the petition.

“But I definitely don’t want any person to sign again that has signed before,” he said.

Anyone with completed pages can drop them at Dr Thakur’s surgery at Maclean or call Mr Agnew on 0419 193 525 after 5pm to arrange for them to be collected.

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