To be or not to be...

RE-ELECTED Clarence Valley Mayor Richie Williamson could decide tomorrow whether he will seek National Party endorsement to run for the vacated seat of Clarence.

Mr Williamson said he had been sounded out by the National Party about running and had a number of discussions but still had not reached a decision.

He expects to be closer to that decision after further talks with the party today.

"From that we will have a better understanding of what their expectations are of me and what mine are of them," he said.

"I am very sincerely considering running as a candidate and will put myself in a position where I think I can get the best outcomes for the community.

"I will continue to weigh up my options and by the weekend should have a way forward."

Mr Williamson said a dispute during the last election campaign, when he claimed he would be offered the seat of Clarence if he did not run as an independent against then sitting National's MP Steve Cansdell, was water under the bridge.

He said he had spoken with Mr Cansdell prior to and after the resignation from the NSW Parliament last Friday.

"There is no ill feeling," he said.

"We agreed some time ago that it had happened and we should move on."

He said he was not a member of the National Party.

"That may or may not change."

He said even if he got National Party endorsement, he would still have a difficult fight on his hands to win the seat.

"These things are not easy."

"There is no free ride. The electorate will consider the issues of the day and make up their minds."

Mr Williamson said he was not surprised fellow councillor Karen Toms had announced her intention to seek National Party pre-selection.

"Anybody is allowed to nominate for pre-selection."

Mr Williamson secured about 17% of the primary vote at the March election as an independent.

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