This toilet paper cake is delicious.
This toilet paper cake is delicious.

YOUR SAY: Toilet paper once again on the agenda

Letters to the editor - Friday, March 27.


Toilet paper rules


Enjoyed immensely that subtle backhander delivered by the DEX Editor to those unenlightened among us why are not exactly fans of our local Daily Examiner.

Yes, he has a point when referring to that other use the DEX could be put to and the possible increase in sales pertaining to the sudden and dramatic disappearance of packs of toilet rolls off supermarket shelves.

Modernisation has brought with it a supermarket/packaging mentality, if it's wrapped in plastic and from some other corner of the world, China in particular, and it's on a supermarket shelf, then all is well, if a serious hiccup occurs in one of those countries, that affects the flow of goods into Australia and panic ensues, a warning here, don't stand between a panic buyer and fast depleting shelves.

The choices are many for those addicted to plastic wrapped toilet rolls, some prefer the double quilted, some the single sheet or perhaps the scented variety, even a recycled loo paper a little better than cardboard, the price governing the thickness and absorbent qualities.

Toilet paper has a job to do, some might say an unsavoury job, which is a little unfair, because the business at hand, applying to toilet paper use, is undertaken unseen and in private with, more or less, instant dispersal of incriminating evidence.

It's hard to believe that this great nation can be held to ransom by the ubiquitous plastic wrapped package of toilet rolls.

Fred Perring, Halfway Creek


No conscience


A message to all those greedy, selfish shoppers who grabbed so much more than they were entitled to in the supermarket - Thanks for nothing! If any of you have a conscience you will suffer with guilt when this pandemic is over, that is, if it's ever over. Although, to be able to behave the way you have, you probably don't have a conscience. You all should be well and truly ashamed of yourselves. It is very difficult for us "oldies" to shop at the best of times so you can imagine how hard it is for us to get even the basics in the current situation.

I'm sure Karma will pay you all a visit one day and it will be for payback. Good luck with that!

Jacqui Williams, Grafton

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