Our Say: Tossed aside too early

APPARENTLY Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ruled out increasing the Goods and Services Tax from 10% to 15%.

The rise had been pushed heavily by state premiers who get the GST revenue and who advocated using the extra revenue to fill holes in their health and education budgets.

That now seems to be off the table in the Federal Government's look at taxation reform.

By why, Mr Turnbull, back away from the GST rise but not other options?

Surely if the government is going to review taxation it should look at all options and then produce a coherent reform package.

I'm as happy as anyone at the prospect of not paying more in GST, but I also fear what else I might have to pay, and what services we may lose, to make up the difference.

If a tax review is going to be worthwhile it needs to be comprehensive. The result of the review should be a full and well-considered plan.

Throwing away one of the options on a Sunday morning talk show is not the way to achieve that.

Mr Turnbull's reaction makes it look like the tax review will result in little more than a selection of changes politically favourable to the government.

That's great if you are trying only to win the next election, but Australia needs better than that if it is to keep its economy buoyant

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