Total fire ban as danger level ramps up

A TOTAL fire ban has been issued for the entire NSW coast as the Rural Fire Service ramps up the fire danger level for the state.

The North Coast's fire danger rating is listed as "severe" today, while the Hunter region, Greater Sydney, and the Illawarra are all under an "extreme" rating.

The danger ratings are not so much about the risk of a fire starting as the level of danger residents will be in if a fire starts.

Areas under the "severe" rating, the third-highest in the scale, are advised that, in the event of a fire, "leaving early is the safest option for your survival".

"Well prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety - but only stay if you are physically and mentally prepared to defend in these conditions.

"If you're not prepared, leave early in the day."

There are currently several fires around the North Coast listed on the Rural Fire Service's online map as "out of control". However, none are currently considered a threat to people or property.

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