Editorial - Friday, October 11: Totally outmanoeuvred

THE Great Grafton Parking Debate is running hot on Facebook and even in our office.

Relative newcomers to the area, even those who are normally laid back (Georja Ryan), get quite animated about the issue.

"Change it, change it," she flapped.

"It's too hard! It's just stupid."

But for a young local, who learned to drive in the area and has grown up with the reverse-angle parking it's as easy as opening your car door and checking the white lines.

Personally, I like driving and I always say I'm a good driver.

But, I'm a bad manoeuvre-er, err especially when manoeuvring in the wrong direction and the reverse angle parking manoeuvre gets me in a sweat each time.

So much so, if I'm in a rush or it's a particularly busy time of day, I will actually avoid going to Prince St to shop, opting for a comfortable and calm noser-inner at Shoppingworld instead.

Okay, perhaps there's a better way to spend money on fixing up the garden beds and white lines and I've come up with some low-cost alternatives:

Change the traffic flow on Prince St (calm down, I jest.)

We just continue doing what everyone does anyway and completely ignore the white lines. The space in between the garden bed and the first park can be used for bicycles and motorbikes, also stopping motorbikes from taking up a full park, which is very annoying.

Apologies if my ideas seem a little delirious, I'll blame it on the lurgy that recently knocked me for six.

All the same, reverse angle parking - why oh why?

Jenna Cairney

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