Toward the light

ARMED with a message and a microphone, Spit Syndicate's Nick Lupi and Just Enuf are stamping themselves as the up-and-coming thing in Australian hip-hop.

On the road for the Reverb Tour 09, the Sydney MCs are pumped to bring their music to an audience unfamiliar with their sound.

True to the laid-back style Aussie hip hop is famous for, Spit Syndicate is hugely influenced by the hard-hitting but mellow sound of The Hilltop Hoods.

“Australian hip-hop is really localised, people can relate to it. It's unpretentious and it's authentic, it's not like commercial American hip-hop that glorifies violence and is full of s-t,” Nick said.

“Whether or not it continues like that is another thing... I hope it does, because it's better for everyone.”

The boys' first album Toward the Light was released last June. Even though their popularity rose every time they did a gig, the boys made a conscious decision to hold off signing until they'd finished recording.

Listening to their music, it's hard to imagine the boys are barely out of their 20s.

Despite their age, their lyrics send a powerful message.

From the politically-charged The Lucky Country, to the heartbreaking survival tale of On and On, these boys are intent on making music with a meaning.

Spit Syndicate are performing in Grafton this Sunday as part of the Reverb 09 tour.

Nick promised it would be a kickin' concert.

“We're putting on a big show, high energy and we like to party with the locals - if the Coffs crew is down to do that, we'll get along just fine,” he said.

The shows is being held at the Post Office Hotel from 3pm. It features nine awesome hip-hop acts, including Al Bino and Mind Over Matter.

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