The intersection at Yamba Road and Treelands Drive
The intersection at Yamba Road and Treelands Drive

Round we go again! Report recommends Yamba traffic lights

THE contentious issue of traffic lights in Yamba are back on the agenda.

A report to this week's Clarence Valley Council Corporate, Governance and Works committee meeting will recommend the installation of the lights at the intersection of Yamba Road and Treelands Drive.

This is the fourth time the issue will come before council, with the traffic lights recommended to be installed at the August 2018.

However, responding to community concerns, a recision motion was lodged at an extraordinary September meeting, and instead resolved to build a "nonconforming roundabout with an estimated cost of up to $500,000."

Following this, council made an application to the Restart NSW government project, and was awarded a grant o build four roundabouts, at Treelands Drive, Shores Drive, Carrs Drive, and Yamba Street at Palmers Island.

In June 2019, a council report stated that the roundabout at Treelands Drive would exceed the cost of $500,000 resolved at the September meeting.

Last year at its final meeting, it was revealed that there were significant issues with the original plan, with land acquisitions necessary, significant relocations of services such as water and NBN cables, the design not meeting the Austroads minimum standards and the risk that the project could not be completed in the time frame specified in the NSW grant.

The report before council committee this week states that a detailed cost estimate has been undertaken and is attached to this report, with the total estimated cost being $2,714,033.

"The detailed estimate highlights that due to the significant difference in scope between the originally budgeted signalised intersection and the roundabout design, there is a $2,003,261 shortfall in funding," it states.

The report recommends that with the approval of Restart NSW, they change the plan back to a signalised intersection for the variation in scope at a cost of $710,772.

The two other proposed roundabouts in the Yamba township are recommended to be put out to tend by the report, however the Palmers Island roundabout is not recommended, with the report seeking to ask Restart NSW to reallocate those funds to the Carrs Drive and Shores Drive intersections.

Council will consider the report at its committee meetings this Tuesday, with the full council meeting the following week.


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