Transformed into a tsunami

BIG BLUE WAVE: The Truck'in Stainless Tsunami.
BIG BLUE WAVE: The Truck'in Stainless Tsunami. Aitken Photography

"A BIG blue wave coming at you" is how Mick Lake describes his 1986 International Atkinson 4870 truck named Tsunami.

Mick, who owns his own custom business Truck'in Stainless, has had the truck for two years and built it up in a 10-week span so it could get back on the road.

"It looked nothing like it does now," he said.

He and his wife knew the original owners of the truck, which has more than eight million kilometres on it.

"We used to subby for IPEC about 30 years ago and we used to have them back then," he said.

"I thought it was a pretty cool truck and had to have one.


Truckin Stainless Tsunami
Truckin Stainless Tsunami Aitken Photography


Truckin Stainless Tsunami
Truckin Stainless Tsunami Aitken Photography

"Everyone else does Kenworths up, so we thought we'd do something different."

Mick said there were only 37 of this particular model made for IPEC.

Mick said he was inspired to paint Tsunami blue by a mate who also had a blue truck with stripes.

While "everything you can see" has been customised - the paint job, the guards, lights, wiring, everything - so too has the interior.

"Inside it's all done, too. There's custom painted floors, sideboards and the dash is blue too, except for a couple of orange stripes inside the door to break it up a bit."

Tsunami is powered by a A92 TA 475hp Detroit engine, a 15-speed transmission, 3.55 diffs and Hendrickson suspension.


Truckin Stainless, Tsunami
Truckin Stainless, Tsunami Truckin Stainless

The trailer, an 86 Freighter, is original and matches the truck.

As for his favourite thing about the truck?

Mick likes the motor.

"I like the noise the motor makes, it sounds pretty phat," he said.

"It's all pretty good. (I like) the old-school look."


Custom Trucks
Custom Trucks Kirstin Payne


Custom Trucks
Custom Trucks Kirstin Payne

Mick came from a trucking family - "it was in the family and I followed suit" - and worked as a truck driver for 20 years before taking up customising trucks as a hobby.

Truck'in Stainless was established in 2006 and since then it's grown from a hobby to a business.

"We do them every day of the week here, it's pretty much what we do," he said.

"I love everything - the variety of work, it's something different.

" I couldn't be a factory worker doing the same sort of thing every day."

Custom Trucks
Custom Trucks Kirstin Payne

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