A b-double was allegedly caught with a rigged speed sensor.
A b-double was allegedly caught with a rigged speed sensor.

Truck allegedly rigged to speed

Traffic and Highway Patrol officers have stopped a b-double truck allegedly rigged to over-ride its 100kph restricted speed limit.

About 6.30am Monday, police were notified of a b-double truck allegedly speeding on the Pacific Highway at Tyndale.

An hour later, Ballina Highway Patrol officers stopped a b-double travelling north on the Hume Highway, Tyndale.

Police spoke to the 39-year-old driver, conducting checks on his licence and work diary. Officers also entered the cabin to perform an engine control module (ECM) download to check for speed compliance.

While in the cabin, officers located an overriding generator which had the ability to override the speed sensor on the truck, allowing it to travel above the restricted 100kph.

Officers seized the device and grounded the truck for six hours due to work diary offences and fatigue management. The man was issued infringements for a non-compliant speed limiter and work diary offences.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Superintendent Stuart Smith, said any truck driver or operator that is involved in speed tampering of any sort can expect not only significant penalties, but the potential for their entire fleet to be grounded.

"It would appear in this incident that the driver fitted this unit himself for the benefit of making the truck go over the 100kph limit.

"Another road user was so concerned about this situation that they rang the information through to police, luckily the truck was intercepted. This comes within days of another company being detected for not speed limiting their trucks.

"While there is a small percentage of the industry involved in this non-compliance, any truck that has been tampered with poses a great safety risk not only to the truck driver but to other road users.

"It's time for drivers and the industry to take note, our joint efforts with the Roads & Maritime Service to eradicate this practice of serious non-compliance will not stop. These events continue to occur despite our efforts during the recent National Operation Austrans, where out of 30,000 trucks, 423 were inspected for speed limiter tampering, resulting in 75 being found to be non-compliant.

"The 'Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce' will now look closer into the operation of this truck, its driver and company involved to determine whether or not there is a need to inspect their entire fleet," Superintendent Smith said.

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