Truckies vote Caltex south as best in country

THE truckies' CB constantly crackles into life as the drivers criss-cross the country.

The men and women behind the wheel are always advising each other of traffic problems, road conditions and just as importantly where the best places to stop are.

On that front the name Caltex South at Grafton is often mentioned by truck drivers cruising along the Pacific Highway.

Its reputation has grown that strong over the past 10 years that drivers now find it difficult to find a park late at night as they look for a shower and good home-cooked meal to break their run.

On the back of its popularity, it came as no surprise today for truck drivers stopping for lunch to learn that Caltex South is officially the number one truck stop in Australia.

The service station was handed the award by trucking's number one publication, Owner Driver, at the recent Brisbane truck show.

“I've been pulling in here for the past 15 years and never once have I had a bad meal,” Matt Nattrass, of Uki, said.

“The last thing you want is some pre-heated fast food, we want to have a good home cooked meal, served quickly at an affordable price,” the truckie of more than 23 years said.

“That's exactly what you get here, you can even call ahead if you are behind schedule and they'll have it hot and ready and on your table as you walk through the door. It's great friendly service that keeps bringing me back.”

Fellow truckies Adrian Nayler and Kerry Ollerton, who both drive for Wickham Freightlines, are also Caltex South devotees.

“You know they even gave me a small Christmas present when I stopped in late in December,” Kerry said.

“You can tell the meals are home cooked and even if its 3am the girls are always friendly.”

“It's important that when you stop you feel refreshed by the time you hop back into the cab and they certainly do all they can to make that happen.”

Caltex South has been run by Mark and Lynn Heyman for just over 10 years and they have credited their recent success to their loyal staff.

Nearly all current Caltex South employees have been with the Heymans since they took over and they pride themselves on delivering great meals every day to their customers.

Just to make sure that it wasn't just a clever PR stunt to get a write up the author of this story along with the Examiner's head photographer decided to check out the house special, 'the works burger'.

We can both vouch that the Caltex South Restaurant is certainly a hidden gem when it comes to local cafes.

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