BROTHERHOOD is alive and well at Brothers Cricket Club. More than half the CRCA Premier League side are blood brothers.

Perhaps the fact there are three sets of brothers living up to the side's name helps explain its success, having lost just once this season.

"We're all such good mates which makes it easier to turn up and try hard," captain Jake Kroehnert said.

"Having a few sets of brothers just adds to that."

The siblings rivalries also spice things up. Jake, 19, knows this only too well. With one round to go he and 17-year-old brother Mitch are in a run-scoring battle - Mitch currently leads Jake 377 to 356.

"I think Mitch probably looks into it more than I do," Jake said. "He's not shy to let me know if he outscores me, but goes a bit quiet when he doesn't.

"He is very competitive and I don't think he likes his older brother telling him what to do."

Bill, 22, and Jack Weatherstone, 19, are equally determined to outdo the other with ball in hand, forming a successful right and left opening opening duo this season. Again the stakes are high - Jack has 21 wickets to Bill's 18.

But where they clash most is in the nets.

"When he's batting he tries to play everyone else normal, but when I come at him he just backs away and hacks," Jack said.

"There's definitely a rivalry between Jake and Mitch. It doesn't take much for them to fire up."

The same can't be said for the oldest set - Lynch brothers Ryan (26) and Jarrod (24) are more likely to give each other a pat on the back when the other is down on his luck.

"We keep to ourselves and just support each other," Jarrod said.

"The Kroehnerts definitely compete against each other at times and so do the Weatherstones. They congratulate each other if they take a wicket but still niggle to try to be the better brother."

There's not only individual bragging rights up for grabs but a premiership at stake this season. Brothers will be hoping their own brothers put differences to band together in their title quest.

"The whole team is training well and it's good to be winning," Jack said.

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