Trump's hate speak captivated growing US discontent

HATE speak, polarisation and ideology. Where will this lead us?

Hatred, putting others down to elevate one's own position, has become a popular way of gaining momentum and getting media coverage in politics.

And let's face it, this has been winning elections.

This political spin distracts us and creates a dialogue and rhetoric that enables the attacking party to avoid having to discuss their own policies and plans for the future. Just look how bad the other guy is...

Politics has become entertainment.

Trump captured a growing discontent in America - economic woes, fears and hopes. This polarisation of America is a social, economic and human rights issue that will run deep for decades to come.

The hate speak has nurtured a social climate where it is okay to be racist, misogynistic, win-at-all costs, step on others to get to the top.

This kind of acceptance spreads; xenophobic views become popularised and people start misdirecting blame on why we have social, economic and environmental issues.

When we have this kind of social discontent, humanity looks for a leader and an enemy. Trump has created both.

On the flip side, this level of political disruption and social division overtly screams for social cohesion. Will this level of division insist on cohesion for the country to move forward?

Will a new ideology of co-operation emerge from the rubble? Or will the dogma of Democrat vs Republican and their afflicted ideologies become further entrenched? Each side having enormous fear the other side's policies are going to ruin the country.

What role did the media play in all of this? Trump sells! The discussion of policies becoming dry and dull compared to the flashing lights of watching someone of Trump's nature just walk into politics and take the seat. We lead him there with our obsession with the overt.

When will we start to see past the politicians and start to see the system?

How does an election end up with only three representatives of such diverse ideologies? There is such a drive for change in the USA, but change for what? This sentiment has been reflected internationally - outcries from the people for systems to keep up with the changes in our global society.

The world is changing at a rapid rate ... time will tell where we end up.

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