OPINION: Drug addicts in desperate need of rehabilitation

ANY parent would be able to understand the frustration of Grafton's Julie Hutchings when confronted with her son's ice addiction.

Once the shock and terror had passed, the natural parental response would be to try to find out 'how can I help my son get better?'.

That is when Mrs Hutchings found the difficulty of finding appropriate treatment at an affordable price.

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Long waiting lists and high costs must have added to her despair as she tried to work with Courtney to end his addiction and get his life back on track.

It is too much to expect to have any health treatment available when we need it, but that doesn't mean it is any easier when the one you need is not available.

As ice is a major problem for our communities, spending needs to go to provide more rehabilitation services.

Getting treatment for those addicted to this awful drug not only helps the person involved, but also their families and the communities that may face the cost of addiction in other ways.

Such treatment won't be cheap, but it is badly needed.

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