AS Brooms Head prepares for its yearly influx of tourists over the summer holidays, long time visitors and residents are up in arms over proposed changes to Brooms Head Caravan Park.

Clarence Valley Council has released a concept design report for the caravan park, which includes an estimated $7.91m worth of changes, including improved amenities, a revised road layout, an increased number of cabins and a phasing out of traditional user camping sites.

However, opponents to the plan argue the changes would destroy the unique atmosphere that makes Brooms Head a holiday destination.

Brisbane resident Frank Barton started an petition on against the proposal, which has been signed by more than 650 people.

Mr Barton's family has been visiting Brooms Head for five generations, and it is where his grandmother's ashes are spread.

"There's a long family history connected to the area which is why I'm so passionate about it," he said.

"These plans I feel are trying to commercialise the (caravan) park, which isn't what the town or the park is about. Brooms Head has always had such a laid back atmosphere, it has a simplistic environment which is why people visit Brooms Head."

Mr Barton said if the changes take place, Brooms Head would become just like a host of beach locations along the east coast of NSW and would lose out on the tourists who currently visit.

"People who stay at Brooms Head aren't interested in staying at a Big 4 Caravan Park," he said.

"We come to Brooms because it's the opposite of that. We don't want to see any wide-scale changes, and we don't want that commercial feel that Yamba or the Gold Coast has.

"If the changes go through, Brooms head will lose something that makes it unique. I, for one, if it was the change, would have to question if I continued to visit. Why would I go there and travel more than four hours when I can drive an hour to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast for the same experience?"

A Clarence Valley Council spokesperson said public comment on the proposals are encouraged via an online survey and written submissions to council.

The proposals for Brooms Head Caravan Park are available on the Clarence Valley Council's website, and will be on display at the park until January 31.

While Clarence Valley Council does not accept online petitions, hard copies are available to sign at Maclean Services Club, Maclean Bowling Club and Home Hardware in Maclean.

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