MY professional experience includes a decade in banking and finance, a decade in Australian law enforcement and a decade working in recruitment, owning and operating my own company.

My academic qualifications include a graduate certificate in business, diploma in employment services and an array of intelligence and investigative qualifications.

I was part of the teams that set up the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Op Shop in South Grafton and the Clarence Valley Youth Initiative.

I've served on the Clarence River Women's Refuge and Clarence Valley Women Inc. boards.

My work with community organisations has seen me I was given awarded a National Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships and two Community Wizard Awards.

I believe charity begins at home, and the Clarence Valley is our home, we need to make it a strong, safe, harmonious and nurturing home.

The Clarence Valley is the home of many generations of my family.


MY strengths are strategic planning, writing, research and analytical skills.

The Clarence Valley desperately needs  requires economic development, while ensuring that our unique heritage and pristine natural environment are protected.

My key policies

  • Ensuring adequate services for our young people, ensuring appropriate mental health services for the whole community
  • Increasing the pensioner rebate on council rates funded by streamlining the current council billing system
  • Establishing a working party for the creation of a major transport hub in the region
  • Protecting our Clarence River
  • Opposing CSG mining
  • Facilitating the establishment of a Clarence Valley an economic development group.

I believe it is important for council to continue the push for the Pacific Highway upgrade and for to be involved in the planning of this to ensure appropriate placement of off ramps and service centres along the route.

I will be 'Fighting For Our Future' because our Valley is worth fighting for.

FIRE UPDATE: Four out of control fires in the Valley

FIRE UPDATE: Four out of control fires in the Valley

There are currently 24 fires currently burning in the Clarence.

Winter cold snap to sweep across NSW

Winter cold snap to sweep across NSW

This may not be the last we’ve seen of the cold this year.

Eight miles of issues for highway off-ramp

Eight miles of issues for highway off-ramp

Council to request an upgrade, reclassification of off-ramp

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