CVWI Board members, Susan Howland, Vicki St Lawrence, NIcki Holmes with Robyne Bancroft (seated).
CVWI Board members, Susan Howland, Vicki St Lawrence, NIcki Holmes with Robyne Bancroft (seated).

VALLEY ROUND UP: Everything in the community

Clarence Valley Women Inc AGM

CLARENCE Valley Women Inc. held their AGM on November 25 with inspiring guest speaker, Robyne Bancroft who gave a very interesting presentation about the Repatriation of Aboriginal Ancestral Remains to the Clarence Valley. Ms Bancroft said that there are thousands of skeletal remains taken from Australia still in museums. Robyne is looking to the younger generation to carry on the work of finding out where they have all come from so that they can be returned to their home lands.

"We have a responsibility to bring Aboriginal ancestral and cultural remains home from overseas and what a privilege it is to be able to bring our ancestors back to their home country” she said.

Ms Bancroft said research strongly suggested the 'warrior' skull was from the Upper Clarence region and taken to Germany around 1865. Negotiations are happening with the Upper Clarence Land Councils to decide where the 'warrior' will be buried. Ms Bancroft also touched on the issue of the many massacres carried out in the Clarence Valley and this will form the basis for another Forum in the future.

Seven women were adopted as CVWI Board members. Vicki St. Lawrence, Robyne Bancroft, Daisy Lowndes, Susan Howland, Nicki Holmes, Anne Worboys and Glenys Addison will steer the activities of Clarence Valley Women Incorporated for the next 12 months. Our booklet 'Oral Histories of Nine Fantastic and Diverse Women' has been updated and is on sale at the Yamba Museum and also via email to contact@clarencevalley

Grafton Breast Cancer Support Group

THANK you to all who supported our Jacaranda Thursday Stall on November 3. You are very generous.

We sold succulents and plants and made some good money to help cancer patients in the Clarence Valley.

We also held a Mini Field on behalf of the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

You may have noticed some little pink ladies with names tied around them staked into the ground near our stall.

Those names represented loved ones who have lost their battle with breast cancer. We will never forget them.

Our December meeting will be on Friday, December 1 at the South Grafton District Ex-Servicemen's Club, 2 Wharf Street, South Grafton at 10am.

Come along and join us. We'd love to meet you and hear your story.

If you have had a breast cancer diagnosis and need any help, please contact us. We're here to support you.

Janette Nethercott 0405122028 (Coordinator)

For financial support call Janet on 66432943 (Treasurer)

Yamba Evening View Club

GET the glitz out, Christmas is just around the corner! We will be celebrating the festive season at our last meeting for this year.

As usual at Yamba Shores Tavern, 6pm for a 7pm start, Monday, December 4.

We will be serving a Christmas dinner complete with pudding, check with Marlene if you have dietary requirements.

Irons and Craig was the choice for our members social morning tea, yummy doughnuts and coffee, lots of conversation and happy laughter ,a great way to put our club motto of, extend friendship to all, into play.

Thanks to Alison Darbyshire, physiotherapist, our last guest speaker, for such a fun and informative evening, it was just wonderful ,we learned a lot about our bodies workings,we are truly amazing machines.

Spread the Christmas goodwill and invite a guest to join us or if you are new to Yamba and wish to make new friends just give Marlene a call to book in,we will look after you.

Appreciation must go to our local newspapers for keeping our newsletters and photos in print, our sincere thanks.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.

Maclean Hospital Auxiliary

The recent meeting of the Maclean Lower Clarence Hospital Auxiliary began with the presentation by John Snape and Bob Gray of a cheque for $500 from the Grafton Vintage Motor Club. The money was raised at their Swap Meet which takes place each year on the last weekend in September with lots of goods on offer including tools, clothing, car parts.

Nurse Manager, Tara Chambers, told the meeting that Dan Madden has been seconded to Tweed Hospital where he is now the Acting General Manager which has resulted in a reorganisation of district positions and Ellen Palmer will be Maclean's Acting Executive officer. She reported that the average stay for patients in hospital is now 7.2 days which includes the rehab department. The vending machine in the hospital is being altered to provide healthy food and drink. A new, more efficient, courier service for taking blood samples to Grafton has been introduced.

The treasurer reported that a total of $3398 was raised at the Christmas luncheon. Thank you to the Lower Clarence Cricket Association for organising the recent Trivia Night which raised $1130 and to the Maclean Bowling Club for providing the venue.

The new cook books are selling well and will be available from the auxiliary's stall at the Maclean McMarkets Day in the main street on Saturday January 6. Members are asked to supply baking and other goods to stock the stall. On Saturday January 20 the auxiliary is holding a garage sale at the RSL hall in Yamba. Members should drop off items for sale on Friday January 19 before 4pm.

Joyce Bell OAM thanked the members for celebrating her birthday at the luncheon with flowers and singing "Happy Birthday”.

Secretary Rhonda gave a report on the 84th Annual State Conference at Tweed Heads which she and several other members attended last month. The chairman of the Northern Health Department Board, Dr Brian Pazzutti, thanked volunteers for their work. There are 5502 members of United Hospital Auxiliaries and in the last financial year $5,469,880 worth of goods and equipment was donated to NSW hospitals. UHA patron, Mrs Linda Hurley, who is the wife of the Governor General, spoke of the lives saved because of the extra equipment given by auxiliaries. Maclean Lower Clarence was presented with two merit certificates, one for raising over $50,000 net and the other for raising over $500 net per member in the past year.

There are no more meetings this year, the next will be on Monday February 19, 2018.

Yamba Breast Cancer Support Group

YAMBA Breast Cancer Support Group welcome you to our Christmas Luncheon on Thursday December 7 at the Clarence Hotel Maclean commencing at midday. If you have been thinking about joining our monthly meetings, why not come along and meet our friendly group?

We meet every first Thursday of the month at the Community Centre, Treelands Drive Yamba. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting next year on Thursday February 1 at 10am, where we welcome people from anywhere within the Clarence Region to come join us, we offer support and understanding to anyone who has had or have cancer of any type, plus survivors of cancer.

For information call Helen on 66455095 or 0407462464.

Yamba Day VIEW

FRIENDSHIP. Something we value and at Day VIEW have in common and enjoy. This was our theme for our last meeting. We gathered at our usual spot and enjoyed a morning filled with laughter and chatter. Our tables were set with some beautiful fresh flowers and a place card for each with some friendship seeds to plant, nurture and watch grow. A change to our seating arrangements via a 'Jack and Jill' ballot gave us all the opportunity to talk and listen to other members.

A general meeting was held which included nominations for our 2018 committee. A thank you must go out to all members of the 2017 committee for there tireless enthusiasm and endless energy.

We received student profiles from The Smith Family on our five children that we sponsor. These of course were passed around for all to read. It is simply marvellous to see the development of these children through the years. In saying that it is very hard to see the inability of some to be able to write clearly and express their thoughts. These are the children that we sponsorship and it does give us a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we help these children in such a life changing way and give them opportunities to improve and grow. From education comes great change. From Delegate Joy's report just such an example was read out. A student that had been sponsored through University and without the financial aid from The Smith Family her career and life would have taken a total different direction.

We were joined by Bev Daley. A wonderful talented lady with the patience to share her paper flower making technique. This was fun, folding and refolding (for some) then joining our petals to make a fabulous flower! I am sure we may see a few around in Christmas colours. Thank you Bev for a very enjoyable time. Raffle was won by Evelyn Lockhart and lucky door by Erica Littlefield.

We then come to our final meeting of the year on Monday December 18 at the Yamba Bowling Club with the earlier start time of 10am for drinks and nibblies. Christmas is the theme so drag out those Christmas tees and done some tinsel! New members and guest welcome. Bookings/apologies call Lyn on 66463164 the Friday prior.

Grafton Floral Art Society Inc

AS IN past years, an enjoyable Christmas luncheon was held at the Whitehouse tea rooms by the Grafton Floral Art Society, with fifteen in attendance.

Members were presented with an attractive and delicious two course meal with all the trimmings. Once again our thanks to Anne Sinclair and her willing helpers who had especially placed Christmas decorations along the centre of the tables.

President Lyn Hayman officially welcomed all, Grace was said by Laurel Morton followed by a reading of thanks read by Vice President Doreen Winkley.

Lyn also thanked members for their continued support and extra floral work throughout the year.

Following the luncheon competitions were held and three lucky door prizes, which were Christmas arrangements, went to Nancy, Doreen and Lorraine.

Four other competitions were held and eventually the crazy card game which has always created lots of merriment.

Christmas gifts were distributed by Secretary Nancy, by selecting cards from a small ornamental Christmas tree, with nominated birthday months written on them and presents chosen at random by the selected member having a birthday in that particular month, thus everyone received a Christmas wrapped gift.

President Lyn expressed her thanks to all who attended and extended Christmas wished and a happy, healthy New Year to all. She particularly thanked members who extended extra effort with organising the luncheon. As this was the last get together for 2017 the society will reconvene on Thursday February 8, 2018.

With a floral artist, choosing suitable plant material for an arrangement is similar to selecting ingredients for a meal. Flowers are arranged for many reasons, enjoyment and relaxation are examples.

Should you be interested in this art, you would be most welcome to come along and meet with the group on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, the venue being the Whitehouse meeting room at the corner of Bacon and Prince streets.

Happy Christmas to all readers of the Floral art activities.

Yamba Seniors

WELL it is getting close to that time of year again and time to say thank you and wish every one a very Merry Christmas and happy new year, to the Clarence Valley Independent paper and staff for putting our notices in every week, and the Coastal views and Daily Examiner and staff, the Lions Club for all they do for for us at Seniors week, as some of them are seniors as well.

Thank you to Yamba Bowling and Recreation Club and all their staff for letting us have our meetings, social morning, luncheon and Seniors day and all in the kitchen for and at the last social morning for the year the meals, Guest Speakers, and all who entertain us thought the year, committee members ,and all members who have help in any way.

Hope to see you all at our Christmas Luncheon. Hoping all who are still on the sick list are soon up and about God bless one and all

CVCIA Landcare


When we compare last nights toading session to the last outing at Brooms Head on October 28 there was a neat pattern - a few more helpers, a few more hours and two dozen more toads. Makes sense!

Thank you to Lorraine Watkins for coordinating the toading effort last night and thank you to our five new toaders, including four from Woodford Island and one all the way from Nowra, and our more experienced toaders for making everyone feel welcome and supported. Nice team work!

If you are into the quick stats then it goes like this - 18 volunteers in 35.5 hours of combined effort caught 247 toads. Pretty good numbers all round!

If you are watching the battle of the sexes, although it's getting rather boring for the males, it goes like this - the ladies are running away with the point score competition even before we get the Christmas with female volunteers again out-pointing the men, 10-8 and the female toads smashing the boys, 116-79.

Numbers of immature toads collected from the various sites around Brooms Head rose last night with 52 (39 sub-adults and 13 juveniles) being returned compared to 21 (including only 1 juvenile) a month ago.

The usual locations were checked providing some good comparative data for the season to date. The village as a whole yielded 50 toads (including a solitary 3 year old female caught by first timers Cheryl-Ann and her boys who aced it). The village tally being down a third on earlier checks on 6th and 21st October (77 and 72, respectively). Sandon Rd provided nine toads compared to 33 and 6 previously, the Sandon Quarry access roads gave up 55 compared to 73 on 27 October (not checked on 6/10), only 4 toads came from Sandon Quarry (not checked by CVCIA earlier this season), 24 toads surrendered at the prawn hatchery site versus 55 and 2 in the October checks and an increasing haul from the Lake Arragan/Red-Greycliff camping areas, 105 up from 71 at the end of October.

So what does all this mean? We are not out of a job yet! Whilst there are a range of variables (weather, hours effort, sites covered, etc), overall total numbers this season have been reasonably consistent given the level of effort, although in the village where effort should be highest due to residents doing some control in addition to CVCIA outings, there appears to be a general decline. Collective back pat/group hug with continued effort needed.

The prawn hatchery site is always needing attention as it is a known toad breeding site and with 15 of the 16 adult toads caught there last night being adult females, that may have been lining up to spawn when conditions are right, these were good strategic captures by Jenni and Glad who patrolled that site for us last night. The Yuraygir National Park sites near Lake Arragan and Sandon Quarry have yielded highest returns the last 2 outings, although they provide more opportunity with larger areas to check. However, given these sites form the main northern and southern lines of toads around Brooms Head some greater effort to thin out toads in these areas would be worthwhile.

It is notable that the first outing for the season at Brooms Head followed a storm late in the day and that dump of rain really got the toads active, especially along Sandon Rd where rehydration in roadside puddles was popular with several toads. The two checks since have been in drier, relatively mild conditions for this time of year and that appears to have kept numbers slightly down ever since for the same areas we checked in early October. We will know a bit more about these early-season trends when the temperature and humidity ramps up more through the summer and we have more results to put into the picture. For now though things are certainly looking positive for the CVCIA toaders and the local environment.

This Friday December 1 we are back at Yamba Golf Course to grab as many toads as we can on what is considered by many to be the most enjoyable or relaxing place for toading due to the highly manicured fairways and tracks. Meet in the southern car park closest to the Yamba Museum at 7.30pm. Usual BYO list applies - bright torch or headlamp, sturdy boots (gumboots preferred) and a lidded bucket. CVCIA Landcare supply gloves, a flouro vest and advice on the best toad catching techniques.

More volunteers = more toads = more fun as evidenced at Brooms Head last week.

Questions or suggestions are always welcome by contacting Scott Lenton on 0438430234.

President Ruth welcomed members and guests to our November luncheon, and it was so delightful to see so many members in attendance.

Peter Nicholson was our guest speaker at the luncheon. He spoke of his early childhood days of a love of cooking and as a chef in Tasmania at the Crown Casino, during which time he studied food technology. With these combined skills and a move to Yamba he and his partner opened their very successful business 'Nicholson's Fine Foods' in Yamba's industrial estate . All products and specialty food items are made and exquisitely packaged on the premises - and are especially delicious. A very big thank you Peter for your most interesting talk.

Our December meeting will be on the December 14 which will be our Christmas luncheon, a Chinese smorgasbord at a cost of $25. We are having a mask masquerade party so dress up with your favourite party wear and mask. If you wish to join in the Secret Santa bring a present to the value of $10 and also a plate to share for morning tea - a slice, cake etc.

Apologies please to June on 66455648 by Monday December 11 if you are unable to attend.

Grafton Senior Citizens

Grafton Senior Citizens recently held their November coach trip, to Evans Head, for annual picnic, on a mild, overcast, spring day, with 42 passengers.

Travelled highway north to Woodburn, then to park at Evans Head, where day began with a picnic morning tea.

The rest of the day included games and competitions, egg and spoon races, shuttlecocks in buckets, quoits, bowls, lolly game, guess number of beads in a jar, mystery parcels. Mystery numbers determined winners of special prizes donated by Gail R. Lunch of sandwiches and slice was enjoyed by all.

The visit ended with time to browse the town centre, and purchase afternoon refreshments.

Final journey home was on highway and Woodford Island.

Sincere thanks to our Coach Captain, Alan R, for a great day, all passengers for their support, all involved in arranging trip, all helpers for serving morning tea and lunch, all who helped with games, and those who donated food and prizes.

Thoughts now turn to 2018, with next bus trip, a day trip to Bellingen and Dorrigo, on Friday February 23, already on sale, and seats still available.

An eight day tour to Mudgee area from September 14, will go on sale at December meeting.

Other trips and special activities will be put on sale progressively during new year.

The annual Christmas luncheon, on Friday December 1, to be held upstairs at Racecourse function room, lift available, has been finalised, with around 140 members booked.

Enquiries and bookings, for trips and other activities, Seniors rooms, Racecourse, Powell St, at monthly meeting on second Tuesday, or any Thursday morning, with Tour Organisor, Sandra, 6642 7720. Remember seven day rule for cancellations.

More support of all seniors activities will ensure their continuation.

Members reminded next meeting on December 12, there is no meeting in January, and AGM is with general meeting, 10am on February 13. Annual fees, recently increased to $10, due before AGM.

Chatsworth Island CWA

DECEMBER the month for winding down business and cranking up the celebrations. Our next meeting which is on Wednesday December 6 will be held at the Brushgrove Hotel prior to our Xmas luncheon. Members and guests are asked to bring a gift to the value of $10 for participation in Secret Santa; please arrive around 10am for a 10.30 start.

Last month's meeting was very productive as another position was filled with Robyne Shea taking on International Officer, thank-you Robyne.

Our Handicraft Co-ordinator Jan Out reminded members that items are required for Handicraft Day at Glenreagh; Denise Ball, our Agricultural and Environmental Officer provided us with interesting information and facts regarding Cymbidium Orchids, one of the many species of Orchid and Heather Hughes hosted craft. Heather's talent in cake decorating is commendable and those members who stayed for craft had a very enjoyable and rewarding afternoon, going home with icing marvels to decorate their Xmas Cakes. Thank-you Heather.

Chatsworth Island CWA wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and extend a heartfelt thanks to the Paper for supporting us throughout the year.

Yamba Lions Club

EARLIER this year, Yamba Lions Club Members decided to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer.

Mel and Peter Cox of Maclean Cellars donated a Mini Motor Bike to raffle as part of the Prostate Cancer Fund raising. Many thanks to them for their generous donation. We also had Pens and Badges printed, showing 'Yamba Lions Prostate Cancer Research'. Some members gave their time selling raffle tickets, pens and badges over several months at Yamba and Grafton Shopping Centres, Iluka, Maclean and Yamba Markets, Street stalls at Yamba and Maclean as well as the Bowlo Sports and Leisure Centre. This proved very successful.

On Saturday November 25 at the Bowlo Sports and Leisure Centre, the Club held an open Forum with David Hughes, who is a Special Prostate Cancer Nurse, employed by the Movember Organisation. He gave a fantastic talk on Prostate Cancer, which included a lot of humour, going into great details of all the different treatments and after care. Everyone who attended became a lot wiser on what the prostate is and symptoms to look out for.

Two Yamba Lions Club Members, Dee Anderson, had her hair shaved and Paul Fox shaved both head and beard. They both worked extremely hard obtaining sponsorship and between them raised approximately $2,500.

The Mini Motor Bike was drawn by Mel and Peter Cox (donors) at the Markets on Sunday November 26 with the lucky winners being Nic Causley from Yamba and 2nd prize of $100 went to A. Spence from Brooms Head.

Overall, we raised $6,079 through tickets sales and all proceeds will be going to Prostate Cancer Research.

Maclean Lower Clarence Hospital Auxiliary

ON SATURDAY morning there were seven big touring motorbikes in the car park at Maclean District Hospital where the president of the Blue Liners Club of Australia, Retired Sergeant Harley Willcox and Acting Inspector Darren Williams from Grafton presented a cheque for $500 to the Maclean Lower Clarence Hospital Auxiliary.

The club, made up of police and friends, raised the money during a memorial ride for the late fellow member, Andrew Boyd, who tragically died during a bike ride from Tenterfield to Yamba three years ago. The ride, now known as Boyd's Run, raised money with raffles and Andrew's widow, Sheryl, was present to see the cheque handed to the auxiliary. The club has some 350 members nation wide and after leaving the hospital the riders enjoyed a run out to Brooms Head. The auxiliary treasurer, Rita Nutt, gratefully received the cheque, assuring the bikers that the money would be well spent on important equipment for the hospital.

The auxiliary is once again amazed by the generosity of the community we are fortunate to live in.

Acting Inspector Darren Williams from Grafton presented a cheque for $500 to the Maclean Lower Clarence Hospital Auxiliary.
Acting Inspector Darren Williams from Grafton presented a cheque for $500 to the Maclean Lower Clarence Hospital Auxiliary.

Dates to remember

Dec 3: Halfway Creek Hall Reserve Trust summer market

Dec 3: St James Maclean Christingle Service

Dec 4: Yamba Evening View Club meeting, Yamba Shores Tavern

Dec 6: Chatworth Island CWA meeting

Dec 7: Breast Cancer Support Group Christmas lunch, Clarence Hotel Maclean

Dec 12: Grafton Senior Citizens meeting

Dec 14: CVCIA Landcare luncheon

Dec 16: South Grafton CWA Evening Branch Christmas party

Dec 18: Yamba Day View meeting, Yamba Bowling Club

Feb 8: Grafton FLoral Art Society meeting

Feb 13: Grafton Senior Citizens AGM

Feb 19: Maclean Hospital Auxiliary meeting

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