Valley schools do well on MySchool

LATEST figures from the MySchool education performance information website shows Clarence Valley high schools are achieving above average results in numeracy and reading compared to similar schools.

The website provides information on nationwide school performance via National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) scores, and is now in its second year.

NAPLAN results are reported using a scale that has an average score across all students of 500. The spread of scores has been set so that just over two thirds of students' scores lie between 400 and 600.

Four local high schools, Maclean High, Grafton High, McAuley Catholic College and the Clarence Valley Anglican School (CVA), all achieved above average scores for years 7 and 9 in 2010 in the area of numeracy and reading.

The schools' reading scores for Year 9 in 2010 ranged from 593 recorded by CVA to 554 recorded by Grafton High.

For numeracy in Year 9 in 2010, the scores ranged from CVA's 605 to Grafton's 563.

All four schools also showed improvement in student scores from Year 7 to Year 9 that were in line with the average improvements across similar schools.

This year's MySchool figures also include information for each school, including recurrent income and capital expenditure.

Maclean High School had the lowest total gross income per student in 2010 of $10,794, while the CVA had the highest income of $15,769 per student.


  • The MySchool website uses an
  • Index of Community Socio-
  • Educational Advantage (ICSEA) to identify schools serving students from statistically similar backgrounds. Information on parental occupation and education along with school enrolment data are used to calculate an ICSEA.

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