Editorial - Tuesday, April 15: Valley’s generous spirit

WE OFTEN point out on these pages the generosity of the Clarence community that shows itself when times are toughest.

The fire that ripped through the Douglas family's home at Shannondale on Saturday is another prime example.

It is the second time in the past month that a young family has lost everything in a house fire but had their spirits lifted by the reaction of neighbours, friends and people just happy to help.

The first news of Saturday's disastrous blaze that came to The Daily Examiner's newsroom the following day included information about a collection to help the family.

In fact, at that point we had more details about the campaign to get needed goods together than about the fire itself.

We would encourage anyone who can help out the Douglases to do so, because as Nicole Delaforce, who is co-ordinating the collection, said: "If something like this ever happens to me, I hope someone would do the same for us."

Unfortunate events like Saturday's fire put such community generosity in the spotlight, but in reality it is there all the time but sometimes we just don't see it.

Whether it is mums and dads giving up time to work in the school canteen, groups such as Rotary and Apex running campaigns to help people both locally and overseas, volunteers getting together to organise iconic events like the Jacaranda Festival, or even just taking the time to check on neighbours, care and generosity are qualities we never seem short of in this part of the world.

David Moase,

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