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Dietitian Danielle Hartvigsen tosses up her idea on the new diet trend.
Dietitian Danielle Hartvigsen tosses up her idea on the new diet trend. John Mccutcheon

VEGETARIANISM no longer has to be a full-time job.

Flexitarianism is the new diet trend, according to data from Lonergan Research.

One in 10 people now claim to be flexitarians - a person whose diet is mostly vegetarian but sometimes includes meat, fish or poultry.

The research also found four in five Aussies rarely bring up their dietary choices in public.

The main reason Australians trialled vegetarian eating was for health, though for some willpower, a lack of vegetarian options and inconvenience got in the way of achieving their meat-reduction goals.

One in five Australians said they stopped being vegetarian simply because of a lack of options available.

Dietitian Danielle Hartvigsen, from Sunshine Coast Dietetics, said it was important that anyone on a vegetarianism or vegan diet met all nutritional requirements.

"Our bodies are designed to run on normal meat-containing diets," she said.

"Usually with vegetarianism there are nutrient deficiencies that need to be supplemented.

"If someone does decide to become vegetarian it's important they see a health expert to make sure their diet is balanced and complete."

More than 1000 Australians took part in the research.

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