Vice steps up as president absent

VICE-PRESIDENT Steve took the podium in the absence of president John and prior to the swim a welcome was extended to Renee Green, a past member making a comeback. A Splash Sheet was handed out to remind members of upcoming events.

May 8 is our Presentation Dinner. On May 21 members are being asked to support the Yamba Surf Club at a Trivia night to be held at the GDSC.

On July 25 a Winter Swim will be hosted by the Lismore Club and on November 13 the Zone Carnival will be held at Bellingen. Grafton will be hosting the Interzone Carnival on February 5, 2011. Only six weeks after this the AIF Carnival will be held at Southport on March 19.

Now, with plenty of notice, members are asked to try and support as many of these events as possible.

With at least four swimmers qualifying for more than one final, the majority of members just looked on as the finals ran their course. Ready, and as keen as mustard to head off in the 25m Freestyle sprint were Anne Simkus, Terry Marsh, Geoff Simkus, Max Kroehnert and Warren Enks, having only his second swim with the club.

Warren was away first, followed some time later by Max. Anne was next away and then Marshy and Chiko hit the water together. As the end of the race drew near, the field really bunched up and only .34 of a second divided the contestants.

The judge unfortunately had to disqualify Max for breaking his time by .04 and awarded first place to Marshy, second place to Anne and third place to Warren.

The 50m freestyle final saw a very youthful group on the blocks. Doug Ensbey, Bill Goddard, Bob Owen, Max Kroehnert and Jacki Rogan were all hoping to take home the spoils.

Max and Bill hit the water as one and nine seconds later Jacki took chase. When a further seven seconds had elapsed, Doug and Bob plunged in.

At the 25m turn Max and Bill were still ahead of the field, however as the finish drew near, Max’s strength began to wane and he was slowly but surely being overtaken by the backmarkers, Doug and Bob.

The judge did his sums and announced that Doug had won the race with a perfect time.

Bill took second place and Bob third.

The B B & B finalists were also competing for the Wykes Tyrepower Cup.

Those fortunate to reach this final were Anne Simkus, Geoff Simkus, Bill Goddard, Richard Sear, Jacki Rogan and the ironman of the night, Max Kroehnert who was fronting up for his third final.

Once all contestants were in the water it was difficult to separate them as the handicapping had them head to head. Richard pulled away slightly from the rest of the field and touched first only to receive a “D”.

This allowed Bill to take home the trophy and Geoff and Anne Simkus took out second and third places.

Congratulations must go out to Max Kroehnert – we overheard him say that it was the first time he had ever reached three finals.

Also a great effort from Jacki Rogan, Bill Goddard and the husband and wife team of Anne and Geoff Simkus – all reaching two finals each.

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