Video evidence challenge

CLARENCE Valley Council has tampered with video evidence, a self-represented defendant said in District Court at Grafton yesterday.

Andrew John Richards said he had expert evidence that showed that a video tape taken during a council and police raid on his property to deal with dangerous dogs has been altered.

Mr Richards wanted to present his evidence in court yesterday, but had to file a notice of motion and an affidavit to enter new evidence.

Mr Richards had permission from another court to produce the expert testimony, but did not have an order for new evidence stemming from that evidence.

Although it became clear the hearing would be adjourned, Mr Richards sought leave from the judge to address the court.

He said that the council had interfered with evidence provided at a Local Court hearing including the video.

In addition to the testimony of his expert witness, from Cutting Edge Post Productions about tampering with the video, Mr Richards said he had the work diary of a council ranger that showed conflicts of dates in the video evidence.

“Clarence Valley Council has been telling lies to its legal counsel,” Mr Richards told the court.

Judge O’Connor told council’s barrister Mr Priestley that he was on notice on these allegations.

He further ordered that the matter be given priority in the next District Court sitting on May 24.

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