WOODCHOP: Despite the home-ground advantage at the Grafton Show, New South Wales were not able to overcome the might of Queensland in the Campbell's Sawmill State of Origin three relay series.

It was over reasonably quickly for the NSW team after the Queensland side, led by 11-time Tree Felling world champion Mitch Hewitt, claimed the series after the opening two relays.

But it was a valiant effort from the NSW side including local woodchopper Chris Owen, who put on a desperate come-from-behind effort in the final event spurred on by local support in the main ring.

"We have just worked out next year we will just cut all three of them in the main ring," Owen said.

"We really lifted in that last cut, they were not lying down by any means. They wanted the whitewash but we were good enough."

One of the heats during the wood chopping event at the 150th Grafton Show on Saturday, 16th April 2016. Photo Debrah Novak / The Daily Examiner
One of the heats during the wood chopping event at the 150th Grafton Show on Saturday, 16th April 2016. Photo Debrah Novak / The Daily Examiner Debrah Novak

It didn't help the NSW cause when they lost all three draws giving Queensland the pick of the wood and ultimately the pick of the series.

Owen said he was pleased with the Grafton Show and said it was easily the biggest show in history in terms of woodchopping,

"I think it is probably the best Grafton Show we have ever had woodchop wise," Owen said.

"We had $15,000 in prize money and we had about 45 axemen competing at the Show. We would usually only get about 20-25 axemen so it was definitely big.

"The competition was right up there. When the competition is that good you have to lift to meet the competition and not slack off."

Owen chalked the success of the 150th Anniversary of the Grafton Show up to the increased level of sponsorship this year.

"Talking to sponsors, with the success of this year's show they are talking bigger and better things for next year," he said.

"Our major sponsor Campbell's is absolutely rapped with it - they want to try and make it Australia-wide, try and involve other states like Victoria and South Australia.

"That will bring world champions into town as well."

FULL RESULTS   Cangai Timbers NSW Elimination 275mm Standing Block Championship

  • 1st: Mitch Argent
  • 2nd Chris Owen
  • 3rd: Jamie Head
  • 4th: Dan Shipman

  Boral Timbers Australian 400mm Standing Block Title

  • 1st: Phil Waters
  • 2nd: Mitch Argent
  • 3rd: Mitch Hewitt
  • 4th: Jamie Head

  Garth Martin Memorial 400mm SB Butchers Block

  • 1st: Steve Waters & Dale Ryan
  • 2nd: Dan Clissold & Phil Waters
  • 3rd: Jamie Head & Mitch Hewitt

325mm UH Championship

  • 1st: Mitch Argent
  • 2nd: Dale Ryan
  • 3rd: Steve Kirk
  • 4th: Phil Waters

300mm Tree Championship

  • 1st: Mitch Hewitt
  • 2nd: Dale Ryan
  • 3rd: Jack Argent
  • 4th: Gary Skipper

Single Handed Sawing Handicap

  • 1st: Shane Maxwell
  • 2nd: Tom Wilkinson
  • 3rd: Noel Marsh
  • 4th: Steve Kirk

250mm SB Handicap

  • 1st: Mitch Kirk
  • 2nd: David Reumer
  • 3rd: John Reumer
  • 4th: Archie Beutel

300mm UH Handicap

  • 1st: Steve Waters
  • 2nd: Dan Clissold
  • 3rd: Dan Shipman
  • 4th: Gary Skipper

250mm SB Handicap 2nd Divison

  • 1st: Mitch Kirk
  • 2nd: Jock Barnett
  • 3rd: Shane Maxwell

Sam Watters Logging 300mm Underhand H/C 1st Divison

  • 1st: Steve Kirk
  • 2nd: Dan Shipman
  • 3rd: John Reumer
  • 4th: Jamie Head

Kirsty White Remedial Massage Veterans SB

  • 1st: Kerry Hewitt
  • 2nd: Phil Campbell
  • 3rd: Maloclm Taylor

Grafton Motorcycles Under 16 Woodchop Ccompetitors

  • Lochlann Moran
  • Lachlan Bryce
  • Jack Waters
  • Ben Waters
  • Tom Kirk
  • Jack Stratton
  • Matt Lambert

Tomms Sawmill 300mm Tree Handicap 

  • 1st: Jack Argent
  • 2nd: Mitch Hewitt
  • 3rd: David Reumer
  • 4th: Kerry Hewitt

Dents Timbers & Cangai Timbers D H Sawing Handicap

  • 1st: Malcolm Taylor & Steve Dunn
  • 2nd: Dan Shipman & Noel Marsh
  • 3rd: Steve & Mitch Kirk

Trent Gooden Contracting DH Sawing Championship

  • 1st: Shane Maxwell & Phil Campbell
  • 2nd: Tom Wilkinson & Archie Beutel
  • 3rd: Steve & Mitch Kirk

275mm SB Handicap

  • 1st: Lachlan Bryce
  • 2nd: Aaron Lee
  • 3rd: Steve Waters
  • 4th: Shane Maxwell

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