4G mobile signal blamed for poor television reception

IS YOUR TV aerial facing Lismore?

If so, you might have noticed poor reception quality for free-to-air stations.

Many residents across the Clarence Valley have struggled with their free-to-air signal for the past few days.

On Facebook Ebony Gillett said she was without free-to-air for three days.

Brownings Appliance Repairs owner Paul Browning said a recently activated 4G mobile network tower was the culprit, interfering with the television signal of some stations coming from Lismore.

The problem is due to the bandwidth used by the 4G network and television stations.

The 700 megahertz (Mhz) frequency was sold to mobile phone companies for their 4G network in 2013, which raised $2 billion for the federal government.

However this is close to the bandwidth of the stations coming from Lismore, and Mr Browning said the old amplifiers on TV antennas in the Clarence Valley are amplifying the 4G signal, as well as the TV signal, causing some channels to be unwatchable.

"I've had seven or eight calls about television reception over the past few days," Mr Browning said.

"It's a technical thing, where the 4G network for smartphones has a tendency to disrupt some TV stations."

Mr Browning said the solution was to install a filter on the TV antenna's masthead amplifier or replace it with a filtered amplifier that will remove the 4G interference.

Mr Browning said the difference was noticeable immediately, and installing the required new filter was a quick fix for a professional.

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