June ’Honeypot’ Honeyman.
June ’Honeypot’ Honeyman.

Wooloweyah leader will be missed

WOOLOWEYAH lost its most adored and respected community member on Thursday, with the passing of June Honeyman, aged 94.

Considered the matriarch of the village, June or ‘Honeypot’ as she was affectionately known, will be fondly remembered as the builder of community spirit.

“She had the vision to create a strong cohesive community that protects and nurtures the children,” her close friend Angela Rock said.

With her late husband Tom, June donated money towards the establishment of the Wooloweyah tennis court that this year staged its 10th annual Wooloweyah Wimbledon competition.

She was the custodian of the tennis court key that hung at her front door for the kids to fetch when they wanted a hit.

She said the court should remain free to the village children always.

“It was her idea to have the kids’ competition, saying ‘don’t forget the children’ and bought tennis racquets for prizes and presented them every year,” Angela said.

Catherine Suttor remembers the Honeymans opening their doors to the playgroup she established 13 years ago.

June was a surrogate grandmother to many of the village kids.

“Every year when the mandarins were ripe, we would take the kids to the Honeyman's garden to pick the fruit,” Angela said of the tradition that June carried on after Tom passed away.

June’s best friend Bobby McCaughey, who visited her daily in the past years, said June led an inspired life.

“She was instrumental in establishing the parklands and enlisting the help of others; she always bought the raffle tickets that came to her door, sponsored children overseas and gave to about 10 charities on a regular basis.

“She was the keeper of our stories,” Bobby said.

June could be seen at every birthday and community meeting, often sending up a six-pack of beer at the end of a working bee.

She had her own two children Mary (now deceased) and Peter and five grandchildren Tom, Alex, Diana, Joni and Nicky, but was mum to so many more.

June was greatly loved and respected and a wonderful role model who will be sadly missed.

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