Members swim for memorial trophy

THE wakeup call that went out to members last week certainly paid dividends.

On Tuesday evening a fantastic group arrived for competition, and without mentioning any names, one even brought his own cheer squad along.

It was great to see David Hill, Wilson Burns and Darren Hayes back at the pool after brief and not-so-brief absences.

The starting gun frustrated ‘Durro’ during the course of events – its failure to emit sound when pressed was also very disconcerting to swimmers – and it was a wonder that there weren’t a few false starts.

Speaking of starts, the final of the 25m freestyle sprint saw John Kelleher, Geoff Simkus, Ian Goodman, Toni Ensbey and Richard Sear on the blocks.

In what was a very close race, it was John who touched first just ahead of Toni.

However, a check on times had John breaking by .04 seconds and Toni by .01 seconds. ‘Searsy’ was happy to take first place with Ian second and ‘Chicko’ third.

Richard Sear and Ian Goodman were back on the blocks for the final of the 50m race and the other finalists were Bruce Durrington, Steve Donnelly and Damien O’Mahony. Only four seconds handicap separated the swimmers as they left the blocks and the group were very even as they turned at the 25 metre mark.

Three metres from home, Bruce and Richard made their move and touched in that order. However it was bad news for these two – Bruce breaking by .16 seconds and Richard by .03 seconds. The judge awarded Damien first place, Steve second and Ian third.

Bruce Durrington, Steve Donnelly and Damien O’Mahony, all fronting up for their second final of the evening, were preparing to swim in the B B & B.

Jill Enks and David Moon were also starters in this race.

Jill, breaststroking, was away first, followed by Bruce, also breaststroking, but fully submerged. A second later Steve, backstroking, took chase and then Damien and David, both butter flying, hit the water.

Halfway through the race the water was really churning and as all swimmers touched the finish line it was anyone’s race. The judge had David touching first with Bruce second and Steve third and with no disqualifications to spoil this finish that is how the places remained.

Over the past few weeks quite a number of swimmers have been earning copious points which will be tallied at the end of the Winter Season and the highest point scorer will be awarded the Ron Maroney Memorial Trophy.

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