Wallaby surfer clears beach

COFFS HARBOUR: A Wallaby upset a party of beach fishermen on Hill's beach, near Coffs Harbour, so much that they packed up and returned home with empty bags.

Just before nightfall the wallaby, a well developed specimen weighing about 100lb., emerged from scrub behind the beach and entered the surf near where Mr. V. Fryer, of Coffs Harbour was fishing.

It swam around in the surf, at times being 50 yards out. Although it was dumped several times by big waves it appeared to enjoy the experience.

When it came close inshore, Mr. Fryer herded it up the beach and headed it for the scrub.

In a few minutes it was back in the water again and this time swam in front of Mr. Fryer and became tangled in his heavy nylon line.

The fisherman hauled his catch into the beach. His companion, Mr. W. Mackay, held the struggling animal by the tail while Mr. Fryer freed his gear.

Again the wallaby was headed into the bush, but within minutes it returned and continued to swim in the breakers close to the fishermen.

They gave up and packed their gear.

When they left for home, the cause of all the trouble was still enjoying the surf.

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