NSW Fire and Rescue Grafton captain Garry Reardon is calling for new recruits for both Grafton and South Grafton stations.
NSW Fire and Rescue Grafton captain Garry Reardon is calling for new recruits for both Grafton and South Grafton stations. Caitlan Charles

Want to be a fire fighter? This might be the job for you

SOUTH GRAFTON and Grafton Fire and Rescue need your help.

The two brigade are searching for new members to join their teams and help give back to the community.

Grafton captain Garry Reardon said they are preparing for next year with the new intake of retained fire fighters.

"South Grafton need several (fire fighters) and we know we've got a couple of guys who will give it away next year," he said.

The whole process of bringing in new recruits takes about six months, with applications, medicals, training, fitness tests and more for the potential fire fighters to go through.

But the long recruiting process, there are a lot of things recruits need to take part in, including waking up at all hours of the night to fight fires.

"We attend property fires, typically within the Grafton, South Grafton area, we deal with hazardous material incidents like chemical spills and gas leaks, we do rescues, motor vehicle accidents, we assist in times of storm and flood, we get out of bed at all hours of the night," he said.

Mr Reardon said other than the lost sleep, there is great reward in serving the community.

"It's not about us, it's what we can do to help people and for me personally, the most satisfying this about this job is when someone is potentially having the worst day of their life, because of an accident or their house is on fire, and you turn a horrible situation into something that is bearable for that person," he said.

"Know that you are making a difference to their day, even if you're just talking to them about what's happened and giving them information about how to progress further from here.

"It's an awesome service to be apart of, because we become part of strike teams to work anywhere up and down the North Coast, and we've even gone off to the Blue Mountains... you're not just contained to the Grafton Brigade, you're part of a state-wide organisation."

New members will be taken on as retained fire fighters, where you can work around your job and life with the hours you are available.

Mr Readon said people need to keep in mind that the job does require a lot of dedication.

"We're on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you want to make your self available, we also have a roster system where you indicate when you are and are not available," he said.

"You also need to be physically fit because the actual physical aptitude test is fairly rigorous and we have had numerous people not be able to get through that, so if you're serious about wanting to join, start getting yourself fit."

To join up, head to https://www.fire.nsw.gov.au/ and click on the Recruitment and Volunteering tab on the left hand side. Applications close December 6.

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