Want to own your own island? Take a look here

IF THE 53 Islands Festival has you all fired up for the Clarence isles, why not go the whole way and buy one?

Gourd Island, located across the river from Palmers Island, and linked closest by land to Harwood is up for sale - and the island is a first for Solitary Islands Real Estate Mel Shanahan.

"It's been on the market for a month now, and it's the first time I've had an island on the books," Ms Shanahan said.


The 15.9-hectare island has been owned by Grafton couple for 15 years who have run cattle on it, and previously the island grew sugar cane.

"There's quite a lot you could do with it," Ms Shanahan said. "It has rich alluvial soil that you could grow anything on it."

A 100-year-old building stands located on the island, and while it had fallen into disrepair, Ms Shanahan said there was a lot of options for the island pending council approval of the development.

Also included in the sale is a barge that is currently used to transport the cattle and other items, though Ms Shanahan said her preferred method of accessing was via jetski.

"It's so peaceful and beautiful," she said. "The outlook on the main arm is just beautiful, but there's also the tributaries that are equally as nice.

"It's right between Maclean and Yamba, and Yamba is only a 10-minute boat ride away."

If this sounds like your piece of island paradise, you'd better hurry as there are some island 'experts' hovering around.

"We've already had three enquiries from people who have owned islands before," Ms Shanahan said. "These are people who are familiar with the restrictions of developing, the logistics of moving things there. They've bought, developed, and sold islands before."

Gourd Island is on the market at $800,000, which Ms Shanahan said was in line with Palmers Island riverfront property.

And if you're interested? Ms Shanahan said it's easy to have a look at your piece of river paradise.

"Jump on the back of my jetski," she laughed.

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