IN THE HOUSO: Paul Fenech's alter-ego
IN THE HOUSO: Paul Fenech's alter-ego "Franky" is returning to Grafton. Contributed

Watch out all you stooges

FOR years Australia's Prince of Rude has been unafraid to insult the nanny state, lamenting this as the reason why Australia has lost the great sense of humour that Paul Fenech grew up with and why he's still touring after all his success.

"I think that Australia's sense of humour is one of our best aspects,” Fenech said.

"But I think that the Australian sense of humour that I grew up with is also being slaughtered by political correctness.”

The writer, director and star of cult classics Housos and Fat Pizza admitted he hasn't toned his work down over the years because he believes that the country is losing its distinct originality in the sea of political correctness - and people are afraid of him because of it.

"Everyone's scared of me because of it for some reason,” Fenech said.

"They think I'm some wildman.”

But according to Fenech, you'll never see the same show twice unlike some of his more politically correct counterparts.

"I'm not like other comedians who just do their one routine or the same 10 jokes over and over again,” he said.

"They always do it to a T, they don't break at all.”

Audiences will instead see a unique live comedy show filled with brand new jokes, never seen before footage and a special live performance of his new single, Smash it with a Thong.

"It will probably be banned soon once the nanny state finds out about it,” he said.

The show won't just be a one-sided affair, with audience interaction a key to success for Fenech after thousands of live comedy shows.

"I get the audience involved, that's what keeps it fresh for me,” he said.

Not only will the audience get the chance to experience Fenech but they'll get to re-acquaint themselves with his crowd favourite alter egos Pauly and Franky Falzoni.

Fenech believes that the key to these character's longevity both on screen and on stage is the fact that everyone can see some familiarity in them.

"As stupid as they might be, they're a little bit charming,” said Fenech of the characters that made him a household name.

But this is not Fenech's first time in the Clarence Valley, having previously performed to wild crowds in both Maclean and Grafton.

"I don't know what's going on in the Valley, but you guys are hectic,” Fenech said.

"I might even go for mayor one day when I retire from comedy.”

However, don't expect a that any time soon, with the allure of live performance still too much for him: "It's pure fun. It's spontaneous. It's free.”

  • Paul Fenech is performing at the Grafton District Services Club from 7.30pm on January 20. Tickets are $25 presale at or from reception or $30 at the door.

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