Watch out for car park handbag snatch

A SOUTH Grafton woman is warning people to beware of muggers after youths tried to grab her handbag while in an underground shopping mall car park a week ago.

The 53-year-old said she was putting groceries into her car under Shoppingworld when three young men surrounded her and tried to take her handbag.

She said she only managed to hold onto it because she was also holding grocery bags in that hand and they couldn't pull the handbag over them.

“I'm still very bruised,” she said.

“They surrounded me on either side and one in front and had me up against the car trying to make me hand over my bag.

“I gave one of them a good kick in the 'goolies' and they took off.”

She said one of them reached into her bag but all they got was a pair of false teeth and reading glasses.

She reported the incident to Shoppingworld management and police attended.

Centre manager Greg Hayes said there were surveillance cameras throughout the carpark and mall, and tapes of the attempted mugging had been handed to police.

He said the incident was the first of its kind he'd heard of within the complex and management were taking it seriously.

But he said security was already good, with security guards regularly patrolling the carpark and mall during trading hours.

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