Watch out for cyclists

MOTORISTS are being warned to watch out for cyclists on the road, particularly in wet weather conditions.

A bicycle rider was lucky to escape serious injury yesterday after his bike slipped on the wet road on the corner of Alice and Pound streets, Grafton.

An ambulance spokesperson said the rider was wearing proper cycling attire which saved him from further injury and he was taken to Grafton Base Hospital with minor concussion.

A member of the Grafton Cycle Club, Garry Reardon, has seen many accidents in his 25 years of riding. He has had many close calls himself.

“I’ve had a large number of close calls and the bulk of them have been caused by the wet or by motorists coming up from behind and not giving any clearance when they go past,” he said.

The professional cyclist said that after witnessing deaths of fellow riding enthusiasts he urged motorists to be extra vigilant on the roads.

Despite the trend of riding to work setting in and roads becoming more cycle friendly, research conducted by AAMI insurance shows that commuters still feel at risk travelling on the roads.

“Our research indicates that the interaction between cars and bicycles, particularly in urban areas, continues to be a source of conflict for riders and drivers alike. Many of the responses we received highlight that motorists tend to see cyclists as a nuisance and are not always willing to share the road,” said AAMI’s Yves Noldus.

Safety tips

For cyclists

 Always wear a correctly fitted, approved bike helmet.

 Obey traffic signs.

 Ride on the left side of the road.

 Give hand signals to turn left or right.

 Give way to pedestrians and other vehicles when entering and crossing a road.

 You must use the bike lane where one is available.

For motorists

 Keep the same distance to a cyclist as you would to another car.

 Always remember a bicycle ranks equal to a car as a vehicle.

 Respect bike lanes when driving and parking, and be careful when opening car doors.

 When using your mirrors don’t just look for cars, look for all road users, particularly between cars.

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