Surfboard hits car at speed on highway

WATCH: Flying surfboard 'freaks out' pregnant wife

A SUNSHINE Coast motorist driving with his pregnant wife has described the terrifying moment a surfboard came out of nowhere and hit his car on the Bruce Highway.

The man posted dash cam footage of the drama via the Sunshine Coast Daily's Your Story submission portal.

"I was driving on the northbound of Bruce Highway, just past Caboolture, when I hit a broken surfboard coming from nowhere,'' the man wrote.

"My wife is pregnant and she was freaking out.

"Thank God we just got a little paint damage and shock.

In the video, the surfboard is seen to break into two pieces as it comes from across the highway, flying over the top of another car before one piece hits the car.

"If this thing hit the windscreen and came into the cabin or the collision activated the airbag at 100k/h, I can't imagine the consequences.

"I've reviewed the footage many times still can't figure out where it comes from, whether it fell from a car or it's left on the road and hit by a passing car.

"Anyway, just want to tell people watch your surfboard or whatever. keep it where it should be. It may kill others."

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