FAMILY FUN: More events around the riverfront, like the recent Cinema Under the Stars, are among the suggestions for things to enhance life in the Clarence Valley.
FAMILY FUN: More events around the riverfront, like the recent Cinema Under the Stars, are among the suggestions for things to enhance life in the Clarence Valley. Adam Hourigan

Water-front and centre: we asked what Clarence Valley needs

IT WAS a simple question and it produced a wide range of answers.

Readers on The Daily Examiner's Facebook page were asked at the weekend: Fill in the blank - The Clarence Valley needs __________.

Among the answers were the usual shots at Clarence Valley Council and calls for a Kmart, along with plenty of other creative responses.

Here is the pick of the answers.

Lynette Eggins: Positive promotion and positive community.

Amy Patricia Byrnes: To better utilise as iconic waterfront with walkways and open spaces, cafes and restaurants.

Cheryl Kirby: A modern, enthusiastic, young-minded council who will focus on bringing new business to the town to attract tourists, accommodate the residents and attract a growth in population.

Christopher Blanchard: Jobs. Interesting the comments about jobs and totally agree, but isn't that why we should be supporting the new jail. Otherwise in 10-20 years time we will hear all the laments about how we should have had the jail and the jobs that come with it, exactly like you hear many lament now about the lost opportunity of the university of the 1980s. It all sounds all so familiar

Shane Thompson: Remove the whole council, replaced with people that want growth, infrastructure, development, DAs approved quicker.

Marty Wells: A nightlife, based on creative collaboration between all venue owners and entertainment providers. Why is it Jaca vs Clockie?

Steve Johnstone: We have a multi million dollar business venture right at our front door. How about council encourage someone to develop it, win-win for the town. And I'm talking about our river.

Trevor Boulton: Knock down the old all-nighter service station on the highway over South. How can that being our first impression on tourists be anything but a bad thing?

Jess Swain: A playground like Woolgoolga beach playground, or Brelsford Park, Coffs Harbour.

Jason Kemmis: More waterfront facilities: cafes/restaurants, parks, walking/cycling pathways and fully fenced leash free dog parks.

Tania Clark: Greater support for small business, a return of trade courses relevant to the area at the local TAFE, and better utilisation of the waterfront.

Brenton James Gold: PCYC; Proper venue for ALL types of music ; Less Small town Syndrome

Ezza Blue: Doctors, you try finding a new, decent one around here.

Zeona Fletcher: More for the youths to do.

Carly Mill: Better playgrounds for kids, waterfront dining/cafes, more events like Cinema Under the Stars, great night by the river. Lounge bars with local music, funky courtyards, etc. The South Club and the Crown should get a deck extending out over the river with live bands.

Tina Hunter: Kmart would be nice. Something for the older kids to do. Headspace. More jobs

Aileen Wilson: Obviously having having Red Rooster in Grafton has halved the 'what we need in Grafton' comments. Now all we need is Kmart?

Josephine Mcinnes: Free camping for all the travellers in the area.

Slade Blandford: Start saying yes to economically stimulating opportunities because once that highway and bridge are gone, so goes the money.

Sarah Louise: Better mental health support (e.g Headspace) and job opportunities.

Joy Nagle: An amusement park for the young ones.

Anthony Beverley: Driver training facility with a skid pan to get hoons off the street and into a legal venue.

Kirsten Kemp: Contraception, lol.

Brenda Schafer: Great walk ways around the river. Better boat ramps and park maintenance program.

Sarah Templeton: A university.

Keltie Foster: A focus on promoting a younger population to move to the CV as retirees aren't going to work to provide services for themselves.

Kylie McGrath: An inflatable water park on our gorgeous river.

Leica-Jane Schubert: People to appreciate how lucky they are to live in the Clarence Valley.

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