Water in high demand at BMX track

SATURDAY  was a dry and windy day at the Clarence Valley BMX track in south Grafton.

Most riders were drinking plenty of water between races to try to stop their throats from becoming too dry.

The Golden Oldies, ranging in age from 35-49, provided some of the best racing of the weekend, with riders bumping elbows as they tried to get the advantage over each other.

A mid-race crash in the old boys mixed up things and added a bit of spice to the day's action.

With no major injuries the next couple of races were set to be crackers and the Golden Oldies didn't disappoint, with the lead changing several times as the riders sped around the  track.

The adrenalin was pumping, with only centimetres between the riders' wheels as they whirled around the corners and headed for the finish line.

Once each race was over, it was handshakes all round as the old boys bent over the handlebars trying to regain their breath before heading off to the water bottles.

The club's newest rider, James Durrington, was straight into the racing action, lining up at the start gate in the hotly contested 13-plus boys' class. After only a few gate starts James was balancing and getting out from the gate like a seasoned rider.

A couple of budding young riders had a go at calling some of the races over the PA, which everyone enjoyed listening too.

The next BMX club race day will be September 22.

Gate practice is held under lights every Wednesday starting at 5pm. For more information, pictures and videos checkout the Clarence Valley BMX Club's website.

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