UNINVITING: The Thrupps’ bath on Tuesday night.
UNINVITING: The Thrupps’ bath on Tuesday night.

Water woes at Waterview Heights

GETTING young children clean can be difficult at the best of times, but when Waterview Heights resident Alana Thrupp ran a bath for her young children on Tuesday night it was harder than normal.

The water was a murky yellow-green, and Mrs Thrupp was hesitant to let her kids bathe in it.

The mum of two said her family stopped drinking tap water about two weeks ago, after they kept getting sick.

"We thought it might be the water and on the weekend I tested it for myself. I drank the water for a day and got sick again," she said.

"We have been here for nine and a half years and it used to be really nice, but in the last 12 months it's been horrendous.

"It comes good and then it goes bad again. You just can't rely on it at all."

Clarence Valley Council acting works and civil director Greg Mashiah said dirty water in the Waterview Heights area earlier in the week was the probably the indirect result of a split water main near Swan Hill Dr, which was reported to the council about 3pm on Monday.

He said that as part of the repair to the line, a number of valves were opened and closed and this could have stirred up residual material in the pipe.

"While council flushes mains following repairs to remove dirty water, a particular issue with rural residential areas such as Waterview Heights is that many properties have long runs of poly pipe between the water main and the dwelling," he said.

"Even if the water in the council's main is clear, if there's dirty water in the poly pipes it can remain there until flushed out.

"If, for example, a property has 100 metres of 40mm poly pipe there is about 125 litres of water sitting in the pipe, which is equivalent to about 20 toilet flushes.

"If people are experiencing dirty water it is suggested they first run several cold taps for about five minutes to see if the water clears. This would use about 20 cents worth of water."

"If the water is still dirty customers should call council on 6643 0200 (business hours) or 6626 6858 (after hours) and council staff will respond and flush the mains. "

Mrs Thrupp said she was happy to report it to the council every time it happened, but they might get sick of her.

"It's just gone on for too long," she said.

"I don't want to cause trouble; I just want to be able to drink clean, safe water."

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