WE ARE NEWS: Staff off to a fast start with accident reports

THE DEX newsrooms was off to a fast start this morning with calls indicating two traffic incidents in the Coutts Crossing area this morning.

A flooded bridge and a collision on the Armidale Rd caused some chaos, especially for the school bus service which found their detour around the crash site blocked by a flooded bridge at McPhersons Crossing.

It seems there's going to be an impromptu long weekend for some school kids in that area.

Reporter Jarrard Potter has been taking calls from local business people distressed at the illegal and anti-social behaviour of a number of mostly young people on skateboards, scooters and bikes on the footpath in the CBC.

The calls have also been going to the police who are about to crack down on the behaviour before someone is knocked over by someone using the footpath incorrectly.

Jarrard is aslo tracking down former Yamba girl Hannah Smith who took part in the Queen's Baton Relay in Roma.

He's also following up on the Coutts Crossing crash where a person was injured and taken to hospital.

If you've got some information for Jarrard, you can contact him here.

Reporter Caitlan Charles' work day started early with an 8am job involving a new bus for Community Transport courtesy of help from the Bendigo Bank.

She's also continuing to monitor the fall out from changes to laws for keeping animals and birds.

Facebook has lit up with comments and Caitlan plans to collate the best of these as part of her coverage.

The state of the Florda roads, south of Grafton is dire

and the community in that area can't understand why they haven't been tarred when all the roads around it have been. They're reporting car accidents due to poor nature of the road, which Caitlan is investigating.

She also just interviewed a farmer whose suffered severely from wild dog predation. She'll planning to follow this up further today and in the coming weeks.

If you've got something for Caitlan, email her here.

Chief of staff Tim Howard should have his story on the effect of the Chinese government's crack down on contaminants in waste the country imports on costs to Clarence Valley Council ready today.

The crackdown could mean the costs to the importer of removing contaminants triples and this cost is passed down the line.

Tim is also looking into some musical chairs for businesses in Grafton's CBD as a new Sportspower operator comes to town.

Like a duck swimming, there's been a lot of activity out of sight, but Tim should be able to bring some of it to light in the coming week or so.

Tim also a has an apology to make to Alan Ryan, the South Grafton pensioner who came up with a plan to help people like him combat rates increases.

He called Alan a former railway engineer, which Alan says he was most decidely not. He was a railway engine driver. We've corrected the online story

Correction accepted Alan, although he also noted, in the USA a train driver is known as an engineer, but it's definitely not an Aussie term.

Tim will also be keeping on eye on the marketing of the South Grafton tourist information centre site, after the release of the date for its auction on April 12.

The marketing brochures went out yesterday and agents McKimms Real Estate expect to begin fielding expressions of interest in the coming weeks.

Tim' always looking for news tips, you can contact him here.

Cadet reporter Ebony Stansfield has been at the International Women's Day VIEW club morning tea and is heading to an interview at the Indian Cottage restaurant for our Best in the Valley series.

Contact Ebony here if you have any information that could help her.

In sport Matt Elkerton has DEX reporters chasing down local hopes in Sunday's big Country Championships race meeting at the Grafton race track.

He's also on the phone to local cricketers ahead of the vital games as the Premier League and Lower Clarence first grade cricket competitions reach the pointy end of the season.

If you have a sports story for Matt or want to submit a report for our sports section, email here.

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