'We had it a lot tougher...'

WHEN the "wrapped in cotton wool" generation wants such luxuries as bus shelters, we older types start reminiscing about the "olden days".

For me, it was riding six kilometres to school in all weathers wearing a daggy canoeing helmet, because cycling helmets hadn't caught on in the country yet.

Umbrellas are useless if you ride a bike, push a pram or carry bags, if the wind is strong or the rain sideways, so hooded heavy-duty raincoats have been my choice for dryness, not fashion.

Our new editor, Jenna Cairney spoke of months without seeing sky or sun in the Scotland of her childhood.

"You would try to bring an umbrella but the rain would be horizontal from the wind and it would hit you right in the face and blow your brolly inside out," Ms Cairney said.

"I think a wee drop of the wet stuff doesn't do the kiddies any harm - they should enjoy it while it's here and count themselves lucky. The sun will undoubtedly come up again before they know it."

Coastal Views editor Graham Orams believes he is still too cool to wear a raincoat.

"Even when I was at school I would rather have got wet than embarrass myself by wearing a raincoat or using an umbrella," Mr Orams said.

Examiner staffer Malcolm Lewis said: "I had to walk four miles, yes miles, in the rain, sleet or snow... kids of today (or their parents) need to swallow a bag of cement and harden up."

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