We must all remain vigilant

AT 4.30am yesterday morning the front sensor light went on at the front of my Grafton home and at the same time the dog next door started barking.

After a dig in the ribs from my wife I was out the front door with spotlight in hand looking for anyone who may be prowling outside.

Fortunately all was quiet, so I relocked the front door and walked back inside.

It made me think for a moment about this paper's strong stance on warning the local community that we may have a sexual predator walking our streets in the early hours.

I didn't want to have that thought racing through my mind as I marched outside with just a spotlight in hand.

I thought to myself have we been overplaying our hand?

Before I went back to bed I looked in on my daughter. I then realised that this paper could never be accused of over dramatising the issue if it meant that we had stopped just one attack on an innocent child.

It's a difficult time for all parents in Grafton at the moment as we are all called on to be extra vigilant. We all want to believe that we live in a wonderful society where we can rest easy and not be concerned about our safety.

In a small town such as Grafton that is how it should be.

The police are working hard on this case and it's imperative that we as a community remain vigilant.

Rest assured this person will be caught. It's not a case of if; it's a simple matter of when.

For everyone's sake let's hope it's very soon.

The police are working hard on this case.

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