Mark Mulligan sharing in a bit of fun between races.
Mark Mulligan sharing in a bit of fun between races.

Weather change means happy sailing

NEVER judge a day by its start, or at least that seemed the message from last Saturday when the bleak early morning conditions cleared to make way for another perfect summer day.

Big River Sailing Club members welcomed the transformation which also seemed to bring about a mood of playful intent.

Of course the younger members treat every weekend like that, but this week some of the senior members also grabbed the opportunity to share in a bit of fun.

Maybe it had something to do with putting aside the frustrations that went with the only thing that was missing from the day, a decent supply of consistent wind.

The light and variable breeze plagued each of the three races, with major wind shifts resulting in leads being won and lost on a regular basis.

While luck played its hand, the better sailors showed an ability to read the water and put themselves in positions that maximised their chances.

Fresh from his experiences at the OK Dinghy World Championships in New Zealand, Glenn Williams had no trouble in readapting to river sailing and was always amongst the lead boats.

Similarly, Mark Mulligan showed why he is the long time club champion by using a combination of skill and local knowledge to claim two of the three races.

Back after spending time abroad, Joe O’Keeffe showed he hasn’t lost any of his touch and combined well with David Keary to be the best of the Tasars.

In the monohulls , Laser Radial sailors Hariet Woodrow and Col Redding had the final say for the afternoon by respectively taking the scratch and handicap wins in the final race. Photos and full results can be viewed at

In the catamarans, Bob Eggins and Josh Crompton were set a task by completing a course that extended from the Club to the sugar mill.

As always, racing was close, with Josh this weekend taking the honours with two wins from the three races.

Next weekend the pair will compete in the inaugural Catamaran Regatta to be held in conjunction with the Clarence River Yacht Club’s Brushgrove Anniversary Race.

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