Weather unkind to keen anglers

THE weather was not very kind to the Rest Point Hotel Fishing Club March 5 and 6, there was no open ocean but we hope soon to get out.

We had a plenty of keen anglers, beach, rock and estuary seemed to be the favourite spot but there were a few up and down the river treading carefully here and there and found the water very dirty, but the effort was well worth it for quite a few when they came in with some great catches.

Mort was glad to be out in the boat, he found a nice spot, then after a while decided to move about a bit, but wait, he went nowhere, he was stranded, motor coughing and spitting, we have said before you must do your maintenance, Mort.

But wait there is more.

No, not helicopters or Coast Guard, it was Tyrepower to the rescue swiftly to assist a mate in trouble so Mort got towed in safely, and with a nice catch of bream – 1.25 kg.

Then after all Tyrepower’s help and good deed for the day, he was at Palmers Island, but nature called and he put down his rod.

That is were the fun started, up came something, a very large species he said and took his best rod and not a thing he could do about it.

He did manage some fish before all that but the big one would have been much better.

Quite a few others did their best for the weekend like Denise who got a board fish 0.5kg and managed 0.75kg of bream.

Aaron Whiteman a long tom 0.8kg, then Nick Campbell eeltail 1.1kg, and missed out by a couple of points for the board. Then Steve Elks got an eeltail upriver 1.7kg.

Tammie Elks managed a 2.1kg for the board. Dean had 2.05kg upriver and in came Justin with a bag 1.9kg, a good family effort.

Trent Mortimer was out and about free of hotel duties and managed a bream and flathead 2kg and a new member too.

We welcome Trent and family to the fishing club, good luck with your fishing Trent.

Lyn Wratten was upriver too and got a very nice eeltail 1.35kg.

Welcome to new members Bob Huntington and Chris Pfizer, good luck with your fishing this year.

Shirley Davison is on a penalty again for winning the seafood tray she has won a few times.

Next outing will be April 2 and 3 at 3pm. Defibrillator meeting will be on Saturday March 12 at the hotel 10am, all welcome.

This is a sub-branch of the fishing club also, now the defibrillator is at the hotel and not at the police station.

The Rest Point Hotel is coming along very nicely with the renovations, and a nice social place to be.

Well done to the Mortimer family.

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