STYLEwise: The future at our fingertips

WE are pretty dedicated to the nail industry at So U Beauty and after watching all the news about unqualified nail bars, ensuring we are attending regular training and using the top of the range products like Artistic Nail Design is what we are all about.

So with that in mind we recently went off to the Gold Coast for a weekend of intensive training that covered chemistry, application, tips and tricks, and art techniques that honestly blew us away.

My proudest moments usually involve mentoring my team. One of our girls Melinder was so excited to be heading to this event and when we saw fellow North Coasters Liza Opalniuk from Yamba an another colleague from Alstonville in attendance it just confirms we were all keen to represent our area.

Staying at one of the Gold Coast's tallest residential buildings the Q1 tower was exciting enough but we also trained onsite at this elite but quirky resort (tough work) showed me that we were in for a blast.

Arriving early to any event probably isn't my specialty but Mel's excitement had us sitting in the foyer 20 minutes early so we had the best seats in the room. There were big hugs from our Artistic Nail Design family, educators from Perth, Tassie and all over Australia were here to soak up the creative event.

Then we got to meet Dafne Ferandez the global educator from Mexico who specialises in freehand drawing, watercolours and 3D art, who has spent her career training with some of the best instructors in the industry. Ferandez has participated in multiple tournaments, placing first on numerous occasions. She was thrilled to be able to participate in the professional trainings that were held in Los Angeles, CA where she was given Level 1 and 2 certification along with the Title of Artistic Scholar. So with that huge introduction it was hard to believe this tiny pocket rocket that stood at the front of the room could be truly that dynamic but believe me by the end of the training Dafne stood tall. We rocked out colour blending, watercolour flowers and 3D flowers and bows. There were new looks in shape and length that would induce tears just to blowing your nose.

Now I know Stiletto Nails aren't everyone's cup-of- tea, and personally I don't know how anyone works with such long claws, however it was our job to create many different looks and shapes in order to master the technique.

As qualified nail technicians we ask you questions to ensure you are getting the most suitable nail option for your lifestyle. We fully understand the need to care for the quality of the nail plate, we have in-depth knowledge of the structure of the nail and also correct procedures required to keep your nails safe.

Not many people could work with stiletto nails and they are mostly for competition. The creative challenge is for us as nail technicians to recreate these looks into a more acceptable nail enhancement for you.

Like every event you find out what's in for the next season and colour is one hot topic. Make sure you get your technician to create a statement set of nails with Artist Spring Collection inspired by an overload of fierce florals a collection that Alisha Botero the creative director wanted to create. The colour palette was stunning, bright and playful. Each new shade is bursting with personality to complement any spring style.

See you next time,

Sharon -- So U Beauty

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