What is going on in this Google Maps image?

People want to know the story behind bizarre Google Maps image. Picture: Google Maps
People want to know the story behind bizarre Google Maps image. Picture: Google Maps

THE internet is losing it over a bizarre Google Maps image which shows a couple appearing to have an argument.

The photo posted on Reddit shows a man backing his car out of a driveway while sticking his hand out the window flipping off a woman standing on the sidewalk watching him.

Reddit users began coming up with hilarious stories about what was happening in the picture.

"She was probably mad that he didn't sweep the sidewalk after mowing," one said.

Others thought he wasn't actually having a fight with the woman, but instead giving the bird to the Google camera.

"Maybe the woman was just a coincidence and the person in the car just likes to flip off the Google cars for funsies," wrote one Reddit user.

"My co-workers waved at a Google car a few months ago, and earlier this week we were looking to see if you could see it on street view. Sadly they were mostly obscured by a tree."

Another admitted he had actually flipped off a Google camera before.

"I was featured flipping off the Google car in my driveway last year. It only stayed up for a month or two, then Google replaced several frames of that most recent drive-by with frames from a previous drive-by." he said.

I guess we'll never know the real story.

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