What needs to be done to make CVC fit for the future?

IT'S one of the biggest issues facing Clarence Valley Council - how to make the council fit for the future.

Since IPART gave the council an Unfit rating earlier this year, work has started to improve the outlook.

Once the new council is in place it will be the councillors who will have responsibility for plotting the course to a financially fitter future.

Here are the candidates' opinions on what needs to be done (Arthur Lysaught did not submit an opinion):

Debrah Novak: In Decemberr 2015, the NSW Government asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to review the local government rating system... MORE

Ian Saunders: There are many strategies available to make the Clarence Valley Council "Fit for the Future" but I will focus on just one... MORE

Greg Clancy: The Clarence Valley Council's financial situation must improve to be deemed Fit for the Future... MORE

Peta Rogers: To enable the Clarence Valley Council to be "Fit for the Future", we need to start with the election of nine councillors who are ready to work hard and make difficult decisions... MORE

Brett Tibbett: The Clarence Valley Council has been assessed as unfit for the future. The Clarence Valley Council has not satisfied the financial criteria or the sustainability criteria... MORE

Karen Toms: Our amalgamation was supposed to make us more efficient, give us economies of scale, reduce operating costs and be beneficial for our community... MORE

Ursula Tunks: We face a dire financial situation, the council needs to face this issue head on; with integrity... MORE

Jason Kingsley: The short answer is reduce debt levels (General Fund) and increase revenue. The longer answer is achieving that objective isn't simple... MORE 

John Hagger: Council has a spending problem. "It does not meet the criterion for sustainability based on its continuing operating deficits" (from IPART's Fit for the Future assessment)... MORE

Peter Ellem: Clarence Valley Council is our largest employer and its staff do good work in the community, but its long-term financial position is unsustainable... MORE 

Richie Williamson: I am fully committed to the council achieving all seven benchmarks in the Fit for the Future program... MORE

Marty Wells: Like many local residents, Mr Wells was shocked to hear that the Clarence Valley had been declared "Unfit" by recent IPART assessments... MORE

Trevor Ellem: There is a set of seven benchmarks or criteria which determine whether a council is "Fit for the Future" by the Office of Local Government... MORE

Joy de Roos: Clarence Valley Council has to live within its means to continue to be sustainable. This is the starting point for the council to be "Fit for the Future"... MORE

Keith Bates: It seems to me that the amalgamation of several local government bodies in 2004 has been a disaster... MORE

Sue Hughes: The Office of Local Government announced in May this year that Clarence Valley Council was assessed as being not fit for the future... MORE

Jim Simmons: IPART judged CVC not fit for the future. Criteria included scale and capacity, financial sustainability, effective infrastructure, service management and efficiency... MORE

John Riggall: The mayor and his four supporters in council have had control for most votes over the past eight years the result is a debt of around $135 million... MORE

Margaret McKenna: No increase in rates with a SRV application while so many other alternatives have not been given adequate consideration... MORE

Andrew Baker: First: elect a majority of willing councillors. That is, willing to provide genuine council leadership... MORE

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