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What's got the Clarence Valley talking this week?

EVERY week The Daily Examiner asks readers to share their thoughts on what made them happy and what got under their skin in the local community. Here are the comments from Wednesday, November 11:

Suzanne Norman Boyle: THUMBS UP to Midcoast Family Daycare for sponsoring the jacaranda best dressed boy and girl competition. To the daily examiner for arranging the voting poll. Lots of beautiful children.

ED'S NOTE: The Daily Examiner would also like to thank Midcoast Family Daycare for supporting our intitiative. We felt it was important to do what we could to help stoke the fire of jacaranda spirit.

Nicky Tyler: THUMBS UP to all that got into the jacaranda spirit .. even though it was very different this year.

Julie White: THUMBS UP to our beautiful Jacaranda trees and the joy they bring to all.

Stuart Collingburn: The biggest THUMBS DOWN ever to the mongrel maggot ridden dogs who had the audacity to boo the Remembrance Day ceremony at the State of Origin game last night. Give me back the Australia I remember.

Sally Benfield: THUMBS UP to the Army Cadets Grafton for doing guard duty at the cenotaph for Remembrance Day. Thank you to the RSL for running it.

Sandra Warren: THUMBS DOWN to everyone who decides it's awesome to leave all their rubbish at MacPhersons Crossing. This has gone from a beautiful part of the valley to a dump zone. Bloody disgusting.

Rebecca Murphy: Well done to Clarence Valley Council and contractors for the amazing completion of our new roundabout in Yamba on Treelands Drive. Can't wait for Carrs Drive completion. THUMBS UP

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Ray Bulmer: I witnessed the most disgraceful display from females in Peppermint Place. Dept of Housing has moved them into a peaceful, happy neighbourhood of mainly old single ladies and retirees where they are constantly violently threatened and live in fear. People shouldn't have to be constantly calling the police. The language is the foulest. It's a disgrace. THUMBS DOWN

Susan Jackson: THUMBS UP to the girls in Pretty Little Witch. Very nice girls and I love love my first Tattoo. Thank you so much

Marnie Fowler: THUMBS DOWN to the low lives who broke into the BMX track and helped themselves to items that are expensive to replace.

Amy Battistuzzi: A huge THUMBS UP to the group of kids at the skate park this afternoon between 5-6pm. They where considerate and friendly towards the group of girls who where there. Also offering to show them some of the cool moves they could do. Thank you! A positive experience.

Rainy Barter: THUMBS UP to the roadwork on the little bridge just before James Creek Road turn off. THUMBS DOWN to should have been done for the long term.

Tacey Stevens: THUMBS DOWN to the people at the club I was dining at when I was having a mini asthma attack while trying to enjoy catch up with my family, and everyone stared and passed judgment at the thought of someone coughing. I understand people are on edge with covid but maybe don't be quick to judge.

Kim Duroux: THUMBS DOWN once again to the idiots of this town who speed around town, and THUMBS DOWN to the other idiots of this town who think it's fun to destroy things around town.

Paul Hewitt: THUMBS DOWN to the idiot drivers who do stupid things just to get one car ahead of you.

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