What's got the Clarence Valley talking?

CHRIS EASTMENT: Thumbs up to Sam and Connie Johnson #LoveYourSister and the #BigHeartProject event that happened Wednesday, May 10, hitting at least 1.6 million dollars, but latest is the 2 million mark now, probably a Guinness World Record for 5 cent pieces in a line and all monies going to cancer research.

BELLA JANE: Thumbs up to police for being at the Through/Bent Sts roundabout one morning last week and at the Clarence St entrance to the bridge that same afternoon. Unfortunately it hasn't deterred the main offenders at all. Well, not the morning traffic anyway.

NIKKI LOUISE WORMALD: Thumbs down to the exceptionally average drivers around this place. Few people know how to actually use a roundabout, even less know what a blinker is and apparently they paint arrows on the road for fun because not that many people follow their direction.

DEBBIE BILLING: Thumbs down to the Grafton Show. I took my four-year-old granddaughter on Friday.

We were there from 10.30am til 2pm, waiting in hope, that the rides and jumping castles would start up. Only one fella had four little rides open. The kids were able to pat some animals and, later on, a little maze opened.

Show management couldn't be found. I was told, after paying $15, to get in, that the rides don't start until school kids arrive. Total rip-off.

ACACIA ENDEAN: Thumbs up to the State Government hearing the valley scream for support following the tough few years our community has faced.

Thumbs up to the funding announced by the state Minister for Health and the councillors, NSOA staff, Chris Gollaptus and all the other people who lobbied to make this happen.

DIANA GAIRNS: Thumbs down to closure of helipad at Maclean Hospital ... adding an hour to pick-up time for critical patients being transported to air field at Palmers Channel.

DEBBIE CONNOR: Thumbs up to Sweet Sisters Boutique for celebrating their first birthday with a fantastic fashion parade and helping to promote the South Grafton business centre.

PRESCILLA LONG: Thumbs down to Clarence Valley Council for not fixing the local roads. Six Mile Lane at the bridge was washed away after flooding over the road.

It's not a good look for those visiting the Clarence Valley from the airport.

LYNETTE EGGINS: Thumbs down to the Liberal/National Govt and their new Budget: massive tax cuts to high income earners (including politicians) and millionaires and tax increases to the average and low income earners.

VERONICA BALSAMELLO: Why do we have soooo many thumbs down ??? Let's all be happy and nice ... We need a week with just thumbs up and encouraging people.

MICHELLE WIGHTMAN: Thumbs up to the Emergency department at Grafton Base Hospital been there three times in last month and half with dad and husband, the staff do a wonderful job under so much pressure.

LAUREN YOUNG: Thumbs up to the Grafton show society for picking my husband in the lucky gate competition. We'll enjoy our dinner for two at the Village Green.

LISA ALEXANDER-WILBY: Thumbs up to Matt, who bothered to stop after witnessing an older gent running into the rear side of my daughters car as she was exiting a roundabout. Thanks.

ASHLEIGH MCSKIMMING: Thumbs down to the show committee who didn't move people away from the cement barriers for the demo derby. Someone could have been killed, they also didn't wet the track so no one could see anything, only a cloud off dust.

AMES AHERN: Thumbs up to the wonderful staff at New School of Arts, After School Care. Exceptional xo.

SUSAN MOAR: Thumbs up to the Big River Milk home delivery, great product, great staff :)

DEBBIE HEMERS: Thumbs up to the growth of grafton, a lot of great years ahead for the town.

RENEE DOUGHERTY: Thumbs up to the new children's dentist at Aruma dental clinic. Friendly helpful and very thorough. Very happy with the service/care.

TONI KELLY: Thumbs down to the DPI share trade, making fisherman buy their jobs back.

RICHARDS GWILYM: Thumbs down to Clarence Valley Council for closing down Ulmarra Pool.

MADELINE MCDONALD: Thumbs down to the Daily Examiner on their coverage of this year's showgirl winner. She definitely deserves more then second page of the paper.

Once a year our show society chooses a lady to represent or rural area. These ladies as a group put in a lot of effort in not only that competition but also our local community (which is a section they are judged on - community involvement).

I believe it should only be fair to show our support and have her picture on the front page of the Monday's paper.

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